May 21, 2010 Playlist

"The Miles & Bob Show"
Miles Dewey Davis III    Robert Allen Zimmerman 
The annual birthday tribute to Bob Dylan (b. 24 May 1941) & Miles Davis (b. 26 May 1926)
"Get Up With It" by Miles Davis (1974)
Miles Davis  "Get Up With It"  1974 (USA)
This week on the show we're paying tribute to the Midwest's two most famous musicians, "folkie" Bob Dylan and "jazzman" Miles Davis -- who both share iconic status for upsetting the trends of their times by "going electric" when purists insisted on acoustic instruments only.  The last Miles Davis studio album released before his six year retirement, Get Up With It is one of the unsung gems in Miles' incredible discography.  Arguably, it is the most "out there" fusion of electronic psychedelic funk with "jazz musicianship" ever made.  Critics who complain that Miles' music from this period is "not jazz" are probably right -- but so what?  This double album contains astounding instrumental music that covers many moods and flavors in its over two hour running time (including two tracks that are over 30 minutes apiece!)
Here's Mr. Davis with his last acoustic group from the 1960's to give you a taste of his pre-electric style "Agitation".  And here he is five years later blowin' your mind with the ethno-funk thunder of "Bitches Brew".  After retiring from the music world during the years 1976-1981, Miles came back and continued to make trend-setting "electric jazz" until his death in 1991 -- here he is jamming with Carlos Santana in 1986.  Finally, here's a classic clip of that folksinger from Minnesota who also has a birthday this week: "Tangled Up In Blue".
(L) = Live band in the studio:  Missy Bob, Brad Bob, Erika Bob, Don Bob Hudson, J. Robbie Sean & Dave Bob 3000
Artist Song Album Year Country
Miles Davis Calypso Frelimo Get Up With It
1974 USA
          First live set:
Subterranean Homesick Blues (by Bob Dylan)
          Odds & Ends (by Bob Dylan)
          Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You (by Bob Dylan)
          You Ain't Going Nowhere (by Bob Dylan)
          One More Cup Of Coffee (by Bob Dylan)
          Queen Jane Approximately (by Bob Dylan)
          Silent Weekend (by Bob Dylan)
          All The Tired Horses #1 (by Bob Dylan)
Bob Dylan One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later) Blonde On Blonde 1966 USA
Miles Davis Black Satin On The Corner 1972 USA
          Second live set:
As I Went Out One Morning (by Bob Dylan)
          Buckets Of Rain (by Bob Dylan)
          It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (by Bob Dylan)
          Slow Train (by Bob Dylan)
          I Shall Be Released (by Bob Dylan)
          Like A Rolling Stone (by Bob Dylan)
          All The Tired Horses #2 (by Bob Dylan)
Dick Fariña & Eric Von Schmidt
(with "Blindboy Grunt" aka Bob Dylan)
Xmas Island Dick Fariña & Eric Von Schmidt 1963 USA
Dick Fariña & Eric Von Schmidt
with "Blindboy Grunt" aka Bob Dylan)
Overseas Stomp Dick Fariña & Eric Von Schmidt 1963 USA
Doug Sahm (with Bob Dylan) Blues Stay Away From Me (Delmore Brothers) Doug Sahm And Band 1973 USA
Fairport Convention Million Dollar Bash (by Bob Dylan) Unhalfbricking 1969 UK
The New Seekers Blowin' In The Wind (by Bob Dylan) Come Softly To Me 1972 USA
Psychedelic Horseshit Bob Dylan's 42nd Annual Report Magic Flowers Dubbed 2008 USA
The Minutemen Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs What Makes A Man Start Fires? 1983 USA
Miles Davis Mtume Get Up With It
1974 USA
Ron Carter All Blues (by Miles Davis) All Blues 1974 USA
Joe Zawinul In A Silent Way (recorded by Miles Davis in 1969) Zawinul 1971 Austria
The Undisputed Truth Like A Rolling Stone (by Bob Dylan) The Undisputed Truth 1971 USA
Miles Davis (Bob Dorough vocals) Nothing Like You Sorcerer rec. 1962,
rel. 1967
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