June 18, 2010 Playlist

It's my birthday too, yeah!
The (Not As Crazy As Most Years) Self Indulgent Birthday show
(Sir Paul McCartney and your host Dave 3000 share a birthday)
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"Tom" by Tom Jones (1970)
Tom Jones  "Tom"  1970 (UK-Wales)
Sir Thomas John Woodward aka "The Prince of Wails" Tom Jones just turned 70 years sexy the other week, and he's one of my favorite "non-rock" guilty pleasures.  Except he totally rocks -- he's got one of the best voices of the century, and he had a smokin' hot band at the end of the sixties.  Sure, he doesn't write his own material and his style has more in common with Las Vegas than Memphis, but that's also true of Elvis' career and he's the "king of rock 'n' roll" isn't he?  The best Jones album is this simply-titled gem from 1970, which features non-stop sweaty soul-rockers on the A-side and all heartbreaking love ballads on the B-side, with not a single track of filler.
Here's a very early clip of Tom's breakthrough hit and career anthem: "It's Not Unusual" from 1965 (is that a mullet or a ducktail he's got on his head?)  He became a huge international star by the end of the decade, and even had his own American TV variety show -- here he is on the show singing another of his classic hits "Help Yourself".  And here's Sir Jones in all his campy strutting peacock glory, doing a "Rock and Roll Medley" in 1974.  
"Computerwelt" by Kraftwerk (1981)
Kraftwerk  "Computerwelt"  1981 (Germany)
I always throw in a bonus classic album on my birthday show, so here's another of my long time favorites -- the "electronic Fab Four" and most popular group ever to come out of Germany, KRAFTWERK.  Known in English as Computer World, this album is their masterpiece.  Instrumentally and thematically, it was at least a decade ahead of its time when released, and in retrospect seems like a brilliant prediction of our current 21st century computer-dominated culture.  Not too many pop groups can accurately  predict the future!!
Here they are inventing "rave music" on their 1981 tour: "Heimcomputer" (one of my favorite live clips of the band, since they actually move around!)  Their previous album Die Mensch-Maschine was also classic, but seems more like dated science fiction compared to the conceptual bullseye of Computerwelt  -- and is also more typical of their stage demeanor as they pretend to be "The Robots" from 1978.  Earlier still, they were one of the most unusual "krautrock" bands, always displaying a fascination with technology:  "Tanzmusik" from 1973.  Although Ralf Hutter is the only original member remaining, the group still tours and put out their most recent studio album in 2003 -- here's "Musik Non Stop" from their 2004 tour.
(N) = New Release
(F) = Freeeeakout mixology!

Artist Song Album Year Country
Emerson Lake & Palmer The Endless Enigma part 1
   / Fugue
   / The Endless Enigma part 2
Trilogy 1972 UK
Wings (Paul McCartney) Venus & Mars
   / Rock Show
Venus & Mars 1975 UK
Tom Jones Proud Mary (CCR) Tom
1970 UK (Wales)
Tom Jones Venus (Shocking Blue) Tom
1970 UK (Wales)
Sly & The Family Stone Jane Is A Groupee Life 1968 USA
The Monkees Can You Dig It? Head (OST) 1968 USA/UK
Klaatu Tokeymore Field Sir Army Suit 1978 Canada
Brute Force The King Of Fuh A-side 7" single 1969 USA
The Beatles Can't Buy Me Love A Hard Day's Night 1964 UK
The Beatles You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) B-side 7" single (UK Rarities LP) rec. 1967 UK
Flo & Eddie I Been Born Again The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie 1972 USA
The Mothers (Frank Zappa) Call Any Vegetable (Live) Just Another Band From L.A. 1972 USA
The Guess Who Hang On To Your Life Share The Land 1970 Canada
Kraftwerk Numbers
   / Computer World 2
Computer World (aka Computerwelt)
1981 Germany
Kraftwerk Tour De France (Francois Kervorkian Mix) B-side 12" single
1983 Germany
Kraftwerk Airwaves Radio-Activity
1975 Germany
MC5 Ramblin' Rose
   / Kick Out The Jams
Kick Out The Jams 1969 USA
Iggy & The Stooges Cock In My Pocket (live) Raw Power Legacy Edition (N - reissue with bonua material) 1973 (2010 Sony Legacy) USA
Black Flag Slip It In Slip It In 1984 USA
Slayer Reborn Reign In Blood 1986 USA
Killdozer Take The Money And Run (Steve Miller Band) For Ladies Only 1989 USA
The Jimmy Castor Bunch Tribute To Jimi: Purple Haze / Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix) Phase Two 1972 USA
Bill Cosby Introduction - Uppers & Downers Bill Cosby Talks To Kids About Drugs 1971 USA
Bill Cosby Martin's Funeral Bill Cosby Presents Badfoot Brown & The Bunions Bradford Funeral & Marching Band 1971 USA
Bill Cosby Dope Pusher Bill Cosby Talks To Kids About Drugs 1971 USA
Bill Cosby Bill & The Kids Sing Bill Cosby Talks To Kids About Drugs 1971 USA
The Moody Blues Procession
   / The Story In Your Eyes
Every Good Boy Deserves Favour 1971 UK
Nazz (Todd Rundgren) Open My Eyes Nazz 1968 USA
The Strawberry Alarmclock Sit With The Guru Wake Up...It's Tomorrow 1968 USA
Traffic House For Everyone Mr. Fantasy 1967 UK
Tomorrow My White Bicycle Tomorrow 1968 UK
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