June 25, 2010 Playlist

Pledge Drive!

with special guest db pedersen

"Stoner Witch" by Melvins (1994)
Melvins  "Stoner Witch"  1994 (USA)
Melvins may be the most important heavy rock band of the last 25 years, and they return to Madison to play a gig this weekend.  Though never "popular", they have cultivated an extremely loyal fanbase through constant touring and a steady stream of albums ranging from blistering riff metal to bizarro art pop to experimental noisescapes.  The closest Melvins ever got to the big time was during the grunge era of 1991-1995;   many even say they invented the genre.*  Kurt Cobain grew up in the same town as Buzz (guitar & vocals) and Dale (the drummer), and auditioned for Melvins before forming Nirvana -- and later when recording their first album Bleach, Nirvana hired Melvins' Dale Crover to play drums.  Which is why that first Nirvana album pretty much sounds like a bubblegum version of Melvins.  With Cobain's sponsorship Melvins signed to major label Atlantic records where they released three albums before returning to the indie underground.  Stoner Witch was the second of these major label releases, and probably the most successful of them (not that it made the charts or anything.) 
(* Madison's Killdozer put their first record out 3 years before Melvins, and they are just as grungy!)
Here's a grunge era music video from 1993, the year Melvins signed to a major label: "Honey Bucket".   Next, here's some truly ancient footage of the band before making any records live on cable TV in 1984.  And finally in the era of King Buzzo's iconic grey afro: "Let It All Be" from 2003.  
(R) = Listener Request
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
The Chambers Brothers Time Has Come Today (full length LP version) The Time Has Come 1967 USA
Melvins At The Stake Stoner Witch
1994 USA
Melvins Sweet Willy Rollbar Stoner Witch
1994 USA
Melvins Revolve Stoner Witch
1994 USA
Melvins Eye Flys Gluey Porch Treatments 1987 USA
Totimoshi The Hide Ladrón 2006 USA
Black Mountain Stormy High In The Future 2006 Canada
Liars Mr. Your On Fire Mr. They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top 2002 USA
Drop Dead Sisterworld (N) 2010 (Mute) USA
The Fall Mexico Wax Solvent Your Future Our Clutter (N) 2010 (Domino) UK
Tobacco (from Black Moth Super Rainbow) Constellation Dirtbike Head Maniac Meat (N) 2010 (Anticon) USA
Faust I've Got My TV And My Car
   / Picnic On A Frozen River (R)
Faust So Far 1972 Germany
Van der Graaf Generator The Sphinx In The Face The Quiet Zone - The Pleasure Dome 1977 UK
Yes Close To The Edge Close To The Edge 1972 UK
Flower Travellin' Band Black Sabbath (Black Sabbath) Anywhere 1970 Japan
Captain Beyond Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air) Captain Beyond 1972 USA/UK
Flaming Lips with Stardeath and White Dwarfs Time - Breathe (reprise) (Pink Floyd) Dark Side Of The Moon (N) 2010 (Warner Bros) USA
Blue Oyster Cult Black Blade Cultosaurus Erectus 1980 USA
Wooden Shjips
Death's Not Your Friend (live) Vol. 2 (N - compilation of singles & rare tracks) 2010 (Sick Thirst/ Revolver) USA
Archie Bronson Outfit You Have A Right To A Mountain Life Coconut (N) 2010 (Domino) UK
Mondo Topless
Freaking Out Freaking Out (N) 2010 (Get Hip) USA
Robyn Hitchcock High On Yourself Cat Shadow 2008 UK
Sabbath Assembly
Glory To The Gods In The Highest Restored To One (N) 2010 (AJNA/Feral House) USA
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