July 2, 2010 Playlist

The Sixth Annual
Parliament / Funkadelic
Tribute Spectacular

Also featuring the original Afronauts:
Jimi Hendrix   Sun Ra
"Bootsy? Player Of The Year" by Bootsy's Rubber Band (1978)
Bootsy's Rubber Band  "Bootsy? Player Of The Year"  1978 (USA)
Every Independence Day on this show we celebrate America's greatest band -- the group so nice they named it twice, PARLIAMENT-FUNKADELIC!  Since Funkadelic recently had a CAOTW, this year we'll shake it up and induct the most successful spinoff of P-Funk into the hall of fame.  William Earl Collins -- better known as BOOTSY, baby! -- joined the Funkadelic gang right around the time they resurrected the Parliament name and went into funk overdrive.  Before climbing aboard the Mothership, he had previously been playing bass for James Brown!  Now THAT'S FUNKY!  His rubbery musicianship and spacey raps soon took on a life of their own with Bootsy's Rubber Band (also featuring the horn section from Parliament and the JB's, led by Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker.)  Bootsy's group often opened for P-Funk on tour, and their albums sold as well as any by Parliament or Funkadelic.
Here's a video of Bootsy "Stretchin' Out In A Rubber Band", and here he is soloing on his "space bass".  There is only one bassist who might possibly be funkier -- Sly Stone's cousin Larry Graham!!!  P-Funk got a lot of their "afronautical" concepts and imagery from the immortal Sun Ra, and their other style guru was the original "funkadelic" brother Jimi Hendrix.  Finally, here's clips of tonight's featured artist:  America's greatest band does the "Cosmic Slop" and the mothership lifts off at the climax of "Flashlight".
Artist Song Album Year Country
Jimi Hendrix / Band of Gypsys Who Knows (live) Band Of Gypsys 1970 USA
Sly & The Family Stone Dance To The Medley
   a. Music Is Alive
   b. Dance In
   c. Music Lover
Dance To The Music 1968 USA
Bootsy's Rubber Band Stretchin' Out (In A Rubber Band) Stretchin' Out In Bootsy's Rubber Band 1976 USA
Bootsy's Rubber Band Hollywood Squares Bootsy?  Player Of The Year
1978 USA
Bootsy's Rubber Band Roto-Rooter Bootsy?  Player Of The Year
1978 USA
James Brown & The JB's
(Bootsy Collins on bass)
Sex Machine Star Time (CD box set compilation) 1970 USA
James Brown & The JB's
(Bootsy Collins on bass)
Super Bad Star Time (CD box set compilation) 1971 USA
Sun Ra & His Arkestra Disco 3000 (excerpt) Disco 3000 1978 USA
Funkadelic Cosmic Slop Hardcore Jollies 1976 USA
Parliament Unfunky UFO Mothership Connection 1976 USA
Parliament Funkentelechy Funkentelechy vs. The Placebo Syndrome 1977 USA
Parliament Rumpofsteelskin Motor Booty Affair 1978 USA
George Clinton Atomic Dog (full length version) 12" single 1982 USA
Jimi Hendrix / Band of Gypsys Machine Gun
(live January 1, 1970 - 2nd show)
Live At The Fillmore East rec. 1970, rel. 1999 USA
Funkadelic March To The Witch's Castle Cosmic Slop 1973 USA
Funkadelic I'll Stay Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On 1974 USA
The Brides Of Funkenstein Disco To Go Funk Or Walk 1978 USA
The Brides Of Funkenstein Mother May I? Never Buy Texas From A Cowboy 1979 USA
Eddie Hazel Physical Love Game, Dames & Guitar Thangs 1977 USA
Parliament Big Footin' Chocolate City 1975 USA
Funkadelic Wake Up America Eats Its Young 1972 USA
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