July 16, 2010 Playlist

"Sing Brother Sing" by Edgar Broughton Band (1970)
Edgar Broughton Band  "Sing Brother Sing"  1970 (UK)
Edgar Broughton Band is another of those early 70's heavy groups who disappeared from the cultural consciousness only to be rediscovered by a new generation in our Internet age.  Though often classified as "progressive rock", I think "freak rock" is a more appropriate label  for this bunch.  The in-your-face social commentary of Frank Zappa and the demented hippie blues wailing of Captain Beefheart are among their key influences, though they can also be lumped in with the "progressive blues boom" in the UK at the end of the 1960's, alongside groups like Groundhogs, Blodwyn Pig and Savoy Brown.  What sets them apart is their more heavy metalesque approach, and that good ole "freak" appeal (actually the UK bands they probably most resemble would be The Deviants and Pink Fairies.)  Sing Brother Sing was EBB's second album released at the height of their initial underground popularity, and the CD reissue includes a number of their classic non-LP singles from the same era.
Here's EBB live back in the day -- "American Boy Soldier" and "Love In The Rain" are songs from their first LP.  Captain Beefheart was a primary influence on Broughton, and the similarity between their voices is undeniable (though ultimately both of them sound a lot like blues legend Howlin' Wolf.)  Another cool band on the show this week is the latter day lineup of Spirit.
(N) = New Release
(R) = Listener Request

Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
The Nice The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack 1967 UK
Rare Earth What'd I Say (Ray Charles) One World 1971 USA
Argent Tragedy All Together Now 1972 UK
BeBop Deluxe Panic In The World Drastic Plastic 1978 UK
The Specials (R) International Jet Set More Specials 1980 UK
Edgar Broughton Band There's No Vibrations, But Wait! Sing Brother Sing
1970 UK
Edgar Broughton Band Granma Sing Brother Sing
1970 UK
Edgar Broughton Band It's Falling Away Sing Brother Sing
1970 UK
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Dropout Boogie Safe As Milk 1967 USA
Edgar Broughton Band Apache Dropout (based on Captain Beefheart) A-side 7" single 1970 UK
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Tropical Hotdog Night Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) 1978 USA
Archie Bronson Outfit Hunt You Down Coconut (N) 2010 (Domino) UK
Liars  (Melvins remix)
Goodnight Everything Sisterworld (N - Deluxe version bonus CD) 2010 (Mute) USA
Melvins  (Merzbow remix)
Snow Rem Rem Ibvz Chicken Switch (N) 2009 (Ipecac) USA (Japan)
Tobacco (from Black Moth Super Rainbow) New Juices From The Hot Tub Freaks Maniac Meat (N) 2010 (Anticon) USA
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Reminiscences Before Today (N) 2010 (4AD) USA
Sleepy Sun Desert God Fever (N) 2010 (All Tomorrow's Parties) USA
Solus 3
Mobius Trip The Sky Above The Roof (N) 2010 (Solus 3 Recordings) UK
Black Tempest   Proxima - part three Proxima (N) 2010 (Apollolaan) UK
Tomita The Visionary Flight To The 1448 Nebular Group Of The Bootes The Bermuda Triangle 1979 Japan
Stevie Wonder Earth's Creation
   / The First Garden
Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants 1979 USA
Jean Michel Jarre Oxygene - Part 5 Oxygene 1976 France
Michael Nesmith & The Second National Band You Are My One Tantamount To Treason 1972 USA
Spirit Circle Son Of Spirit 1975 USA
Joni Mitchell Conversation Ladies Of The Canyon 1970 Canada
Isaac Hayes I Love You That's All Joy 1973 USA
Earth Wind & Fire All About Love That's The Way Of The World 1975 USA
Roger (Troutman) In The Mix The Saga Continues 1984 USA
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