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"Schwingungen" by Ash Ra Tempel (1972)
Ash Ra Tempel  "Schwingungen"  1972 (Germany)
Among the heaviest and most legendary krautrock groups ever was Manuel Göttsching's Ash Ra Tempel.  The original free-rock kosmik power trio, the group's collaborators include Klaus Schulze and Timothy Leary, and they also provided the psychedelic backbone for all of the Cosmic Jokers albums.  Schwingungen was the second Ash Ra album, and is as good a place as any to start exploring the far-out realms of the Tempel.
I couldn't find footage of the band in action, but their music is very popular for making psychedelic fan videos -- here's "Suche Und Liebe" from this album.  By the mid-70's the group had basically become a solo vehicle for Göttsching under the shortened name Ashra -- here's a video for  "Midnight On Mars"Göttsching 's 1984 solo album E2-E4 is also a classic "kraut" album, and a forerunner of modern electronica.  Ash Ra Tempel's original drummer Klaus Schulze also went on to become a legend of electronic music as a solo artist.
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
Rare Earth Get Ready (The Temptations - Live) In Concert 1971 USA
The Butterfield Blues Band East-West East-West 1966 USA
Canned Heat Bullfrog Blues (Live) Live At Topanga Corral rec. 1969,
rel. 1971
Ash Ra Tempel Light: Look At Your Sun Schwingungen
1972 Germany
Ash Ra Tempel Darkness: Flowers Must Die Schwingungen
1972 Germany
The Cosmic Jokers Tim Bleibt Bei Uns Gilles Zeitschiff 1974 Germany
Timothy Leary You Can Be Anyone This Time Around You Can Be Anyone This Time Around 1970 USA
Ash Ra Tempel Freak 'n' Roll Join Inn 1973 Germany
Jefferson Airplane How Do You Feel Surrealistic Pillow 1967 USA
Second Family Band Good Blood (Candling Clean Version) Good Blood (N) 2010 (Alt.vinyl) USA
The Grateful Dead Truckin' ->
Drums ->
The Other One ->
Me & My Uncle (John Phillips) ->
The Other One
Audience Recording
Hollywood Palladium
August 6, 1971
1971 USA
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