August 13, 2010 Playlist

Hippie Xmas
Junk Vinyl Special
"Crown Of Creation" by Jefferson Airplane (1968)
Jefferson Airplane  "Crown Of Creation"  1968 (USA)
It's "Hippie Xmas" in Madison this week -- most apartment leases near the university change over on August 15, which traditionally means lots of loot on the curbs for the hippies to "recycle" before the trashman arrives.  So on the show this week we celebrate with recycled vinyl records!  I have purchased this classic Jefferson Airplane album twice:  the first time for $0.50 at a garage sale (original pressing), and recently I upgraded to a near-mint reissue which set me back an entire dollar.  Jefferson Airplane is one of those bands that sold a boatload of records in their heyday, so there are a lot of used copies floating around.  The law of supply and demand means you can pick up their best stuff cheap.  Indeed, the only worthwhile classic rock bands whose discographies are even more abundant in the bargain bins are Emerson Lake & Palmer and The Moody Blues.  Who needs to download when you can buy a band's entire discography on vinyl for like fifteen bucks?
A lot of the Airplane's best performances on video are songs from this album.  They went on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour to do "Crown Of Creation" and "Lather" -- with Grace Slick performing in blackface make-up!?  An equally amazing moment was the time they played "The House At Pooneil Corners" on a hotel rooftop in New York City for a Jean Luc Goddard film that never got finished -- since they didn't have a permit, the police shut them down and Marty Balin was taken to jail.  (This incident inspired The Beatles to perform a similar stunt in London a year later.)  Another big moment was their appearance at the Woodstock festival and in the hit film that followed.  Finally, here's a classic Grace Slick-penned B-side from 1970:  "Mexico" is a protest song about Richard Nixon's war on drugs which also references their performance at Woodstock.  Also on the show this week:  "Get Ready" for Tom Jones!!
Artist Song Album Year Country
Canned Heat Parthenogenesis Living The Blues 1968 USA
The Chambers Brothers Uptown (by Betty Mabry/Davis) The Time Has Come 1967 USA
Jefferson Airplane Crown Of Creation Crown Of Creation
1968 USA
Jefferson Airplane If You Feel Crown Of Creation
1968 USA
Jefferson Airplane Greasy Heart Crown Of Creation
1968 USA
Jefferson Airplane Have You Seen The Saucers A-side 7" single (Early Flight compilation) 1970 USA
Grace Slick ¿Come Again? Toucan Manhole 1973 USA
Emerson Lake & Palmer Karn Evil 9 - 1st Impression, Part One Brain Salad Surgery 1973 UK
Emerson Lake & Palmer Trilogy Trilogy 1972 UK
Greg Lake (with Gary Moore) Nuclear Attack Greg Lake 1981 UK
Ambrosia Nice, Nice, Very Nice Ambrosia 1975 USA
Frampton's Camel Do You Feel Like We Do Frampton's Camel 1973 UK
Mark-Almond Riding Free Mark-Almond 1972 UK
Sprit Holy Man Son Of Spirit 1975 USA
Canadian Rock Theatre Changing Day To Day Canadian Rock Theatre 1972 Canada
The Stone Poneys (Linda Ronstadt) Evergreen - Parts 1 & 2 Evergreen Vol. 2 1967 USA
Michael Nesmith & The Second National Band Highway 99 With Melange Tantamount To Treason 1972 USA
Fleetwood Mac Somebody Mystery To Me 1973 UK/USA
The Isley Brothers Who Loves You Better Harvest For The World 1976 USA
Andy Williams Spooky (The Classics IV) Honey 1968 USA
Engelbert Humperdinck My Cherie Amour (Stevie Wonder) We Made It Happen 1970 UK
Claudine Longet How Insensitive (Insensatez)  (by A. C. Jobim) The Look Of Love 1967 France
Tom Jones Get Ready (The Temptations) The Tom Jones Fever Zone 1968 UK (Wales)
Ted Heath & His Music Light My Fire (The Doors) The Big Ones 1969 UK
Robert Goulet Do You Know The Way To San Jose?  (Dionne Warwick) Woman, Woman 1968 USA
Susan from Sesame Street The Square Song Susan Sings Songs From Sesame Street 1970 USA
The Brady Bunch We Can Make The World A Whole Lot Brighter Meet The Brady Bunch 1972 USA
Joni Mitchell Trouble Child
   / Twisted (Annie Ross)
Court & Spark 1974 Canada
Janis Ian Insanity Comes Quietly To The Structured Mind . . . For All The Seasons Of Your Mind 1967 USA
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