September 17, 2010 Playlist

"Blue Öyster Cult " by Blue Öyster Cult  (1972)
Blue Öyster Cult  "Blue Öyster Cult"  1972 (USA)
BOC are an underappreciated hard rock band whose initial burst of creativity encapsulated the end of "the sixties" and helped define the new heavy metal sound of the 1970's.  They are also notable for creating one of the most inscrutably "mysterious" auras in rock history, complete with futuristic album covers, sinister vibes and their very own occult symbol.  They had their malevolent mystery metal shtick down from the very first album, which includes enigmatic riff-o-ramas with titles like "Transmaniacon MC", "Before The Kiss A Redcap" and "Workshop Of The Telescopes."
It took a few years for BOC to get big enough for someone to videotape their concerts, so here's "Cities On Flame With Rock & Roll" from this album performed ten years later.  Another of my all time favorite Cult jams is "Extra Terrestrial Intelligence", from their best selling Agents Of Fortune album of 1976.  Although always a popular concert attraction, the hits dried up after "Burnin' For You" in 1980.  But these road warriors have never stopped -- here they are playing a song from their debut LP 35 years later:  "Then Came The Last Days Of May" from the Kalamazoo Rib Festival in 2007.
(N) = New Release
(R) = Listener Request

Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
Shocking Blue Acka Raga At Home 1969 Netherlands
The Blues Magoos I Can Here The Grass Grow (The Move)  Basic Blues Magoos 1968 USA
Blue Phantom Psycho Nebulous Distortions 1971 Italy
Blue Cheer Fruit & Icebergs New! Improved! Blue Cheer 1969 USA
Blue Max Teaser Limited Edition 1976 Canada
Blue Öyster Cult  Cities On Flame (With Rock & Roll) Blue Öyster Cult
1972 USA
Blue Öyster Cult  Screams Blue Öyster Cult
1972 USA
Blue Öyster Cult  She's As Beautiful As A Foot Blue Öyster Cult
1972 USA
Blue Öyster Cult  7 Screaming Diz-Busters Tyranny & Mutation 1973 USA
Blues Creation Atomic Bombs Away Demon & Eleven Children 1971 Japan
Jefferson Airplane (R) Eskimo Blue Day Volunteers 1969 USA
Black Mountain The Hair Song Wilderness Heart (N) 2010 (Jagjaguwar) Canada
The Black Angels
River Of Blood Phosphene Dream (N) 2010 (Blue Horizon) USA
Black Tempest   Wind On Ice Ex Proxima (N) 2010 (Tempest Towers) UK
Tobacco (from Black Moth Super Rainbow) Creepy Phone Calls Maniac Meat (N) 2010 (Anticon) USA
The Fall OFYC Showcase Your Future Our Clutter (N) 2010 (Domino) UK
Holy Fuck
Silva & Grimes Latin (N) 2010 (Young Turks/XL) Canada
Nice Nice
See Waves Extra Wow (N) 2009 (Warp) USA
Sunburned Hand Of The Man
A Red Rag To A Bull (N) 2010 (Ecstatic Peace!) USA
Magic Lantern Moon Lagoon Platoon Platoon (N) 2010 (Not Not Fun) USA
Julian Lynch In New Jersey Mare (N) 2010 (Olde English Spelling Bee) USA
Faust Brumm Und Blech
   / Imperial Lover
Faust Is Last (N) 2010 (Klangbad) Germany
Gnod Bulletproof Awareness Full Moon Ritual (N - cassette) 2010 (Cabin Floor Esoterica) UK
5-Track & Glass Goblins
Kira Lost Soul Island 2004-2006 USA
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Butt House Blondies Before Today (N) 2010 (4AD) USA
Dungen Skit I Allt Skit I Allt (N) 2010 (Mexican Summer) Sweden
Psychedelic Horseshit Unseen Voids Acid Tape (N - cassette) 2010 (Fan Death) USA
Dead Luke
Sunrise American Haircut (N) 2010 (Florida's Dying) USA
Smoke Fairies Morning Light Ghosts (N - compilation) 2010 (453 music) UK
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