October 15, 2010 Playlist

"Galactic Supermarket" by Cosmic Jokers (1974)
Cosmic Jokers  "Galactic Supermarket"  1974 (Germany)
Cosmic Jokers (also known sometimes as Cosmic Couriers) are a legendary psychedelic "krautrock" group which was actually the brainchild of notorious producer Rolf Ulrich Kaiser.  The apocryphal legend is that Kaiser invited hip musicians from the German scene to jam in his studio, and "paid" them in psychedelic drugs (Kaiser was a pal of Timothy Leary when he was on the run from the FBI and hiding out in Europe) -- and that the musicians only discovered that he had put out their jams as Cosmic Jokers albums when they found them in the stores!  (Though some or all of this story is undoubtedly fiction, which parts are true depends on who you ask . . .)  In fact the core group had actually previously recorded somewhat more disciplined (though still totally kosmik) sessions backing up "spoken word" records for Kaiser's label (Sergius Golowin's Lord Krishna Von Goloka and Walter Wegmüller's Tarot, both from 1973.)  In total, the Cosmic Jokers sessions were milked for 4 proper albums plus a 5th label compilation LP -- all released in the same year!  And at least three or four of them are classics, including this one which was the second to appear.  The Kosmische Kuriere on this album include Manuel "Ash Ra Tempel" Göttsching and two of Germany's most legendary producers -- Klaus Schulze and Dieter Dierks -- as well as narration by Göttsching's girlfriend Rosi Müller.  On later albums, Kaiser would add his girlfriend to the mix -- Gille Lettman who went by the name Sternenmädchen ("maiden of the stars").  Her wacky rapping all over the final Cosmic Jokers album Gilles Zeitschiff is apparently what caused Klaus Schulze to take Kaiser to court over the Cosmic Jokers albums -- which resulted in Kaiser not only losing his record label, but fleeing Germany altogether!
Since Cosmic Jokers records are really just creatively edited spontaneous studio jams, there is no video footage of them (they never performed outside the studio as a group at all.)  But here is a trippy fan video for the title track to "Galactic Supermarket" and here is Das Sternenmädchen doing her thing on "Gilles Zeitschiff". In other music news this week, living legend Neil Young has an interesting new album out called "Le Noise" (enjoy this 39 minute video version of the ENTIRE album!) 
(N) = New Release
(R) = Listener Request

Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
The Black Angels
Sunday Afternoon Phosphene Dream (N) 2010 (Blue Horizon) USA
Neil Young
Hitchhiker Le Noise (N) 2010 (Reprise) Canada
NoMeansNo Bitches Brew (music by Miles Davis, words by NoMeansNo) One 2000 Canada
The Grateful Dead (R) Viola Lee Blues The Grateful Dead 1967 USA
5-Track & Glass Goblins
Can't Find The Ocean Lost Soul Island 2004-2006 USA
MV & EE Final song on side A (live) Muskie & Manitou (N - cassette) 2010 (Brave Mysteries) USA
The Grateful Dead (R) Cosmic Charlie Aoxomoxoa 1969 USA
Magic Lantern On The Dime Platoon (N) 2010 (Not Not Fun) USA
Second Family Band Below The Arch Good Blood (N) 2010 (Altvinyl) USA
Grinderman (Nick Cave & 3 of The Bad Seeds) Kitchenette Grinderman 2 (N) 2010 (Mute/Anti-) Australia
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Beverly Kills Before Today (N) 2010 (4AD) USA
   / Mennesketvilling
Turn On Tune In Fuck Off!! (N) 2010 (Bad Afro) Denmark
Cosmic Jokers Galactic Supermarket Galactic Supermarket
1974 Germany
Vangelis Entends-Tu Les Chiens Aboyer? - Part 2 (excerpt) Ignacio (original soundtrack) 1977 Greece
Black Tempest   Proxima, Part 2 Proxima (N) 2010 (Apollolaan) UK
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