October 29, 2010 Playlist

Hallowe'en Show
Pledge Drive!
"Pentagram" aka "Relentless" by Pentagram (1985)
Pentagram  "Pentagram"  aka "Relentless"  1985 (USA)
Halloween is upon us, which is always a good excuse to play more heavy metal than usual.  The story of the band Pentagram is quite amazing -- founded in the early 1970's, they only put out a single or two until finally releasing their debut LP in 1985!  Though it wasn't until some of their ancient recordings were finally put out on the First Daze Here CD in 2003 that the band actually began to get some recognition!  I can't think of a band that took so long to rise from obscurity to cult status (they're still not exactly "popular"!)  The mastermind behind Pentagram is lead singer Bobby Liebling, an astonishing frontman who must be the most tenacious visionary in heavy metal music.  His look and sound has hardly changed after nearly 40 years of doom rocking!   (The self-titled album they released in 1985 was later remixed for a 1993 CD release entitled Relentless, which is the version that is easy to find.  A copy of the original LP with the original mix will set you back about $100 these days -- so special thanks to WORT's "Mr. Mike" for making me a copy of this rare gem!)
There is a Pentagram gig from 1983 that was videotaped -- here are "When The Screams Come" and their titular anthem "Sign Of The Wolf (Pentagram)".  And here's a later lineup performing a brutal version of "All Your Sins" live in 1994.
Among the other heavy and spooky albums featured on the show this week are Black Sabbath's "interesting" 1983 album Born Again, the only one they made when ex-Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan was in the band -- here's the supercheezy video for "Zero The Hero" from that album.  But the most evilest band ever is still Slayer.
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
Pentagram Be Forewarned First Daze Here rec. 1972, rel. 2001 USA
The Haunted Horror Show The Haunted 1967 Canada (Quebec)
Count Floyd (Joe Flaherty) Count Floyd Is Back Count Floyd EP 1982 Canada
Bad Brains Fearless Vampire Killers Bad Brains 1982 USA
The Shaggs It's Halloween Philosophy Of The World 1969 USA
Pentagram Relentless Pentagram (aka Relentless)
1985 USA
Pentagram Sign Of The Wolf (Pentagram) Pentagram (aka Relentless)
1985 USA
Jex Thoth Stone Evil Jex Thoth 2008 USA
Slayer South Of Heaven South Of Heaven 1988 USA
Sir Lord Baltimore Hell Hound Kingdom Come 1970 USA
Chrome Zombie Warfare Half Machine Lip Moves 1979 USA
Von LMO Fire Eyes Future Language 1981 USA
Black Sabbath Disturbing The Priest Born Again 1983 UK
Judas Priest Heroes End Stained Class 1978 UK
Flotsam & Jetsam
The Cold The Cold 2010 (Driven) USA
Black Rain (previously unreleased) Telephantasm (N - compilation) rec. 1991, rel. 2010 (A&M) USA
Hero Destroyed
Cerebrus Throes (N) 2010 (Relapse) USA
Black Anvil
We Own You Triumvirate (N) 2010 (Relapse) USA
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Fright Night (Nevermore) Before Today (N) 2010 (4AD) USA
Touch You Make It Real (N) 2010 (Not Not Fun) USA
Faust Bonjour Gioacchino C'est Com...Com...Compliqué (N) 2009 (Bureau B) Germany
Sonic Youth Halloween B-side 7" single 1985 USA
Deep Purple Child In Time In Rock 1970 UK
Amon Duul 2 Wolf City Wolf City 1972 Germany
Curved Air U.H.F. Air Cut 1973 UK
Frank Zappa & The Mothers Tush Tush Tush (A Token Of My Extreme)
   / Stinkfoot
   / Inca Roads (live)
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 2 (The Helsinki Concert) rec. 1974, rel. 1988 USA
The Who Disguises Magic Bus: The Who On Tour 1968 UK
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