November 12, 2010 Playlist

Neil Young's 65th Birthday
Neil Percival Young, born November 12, 1945
"On The Beach" by Neil Young (1974)
Neil Young  "On The Beach"  1974 (Canada)
Neil Percival Young was born 65 years ago today.  On The Beach was the second album in his so-called "ditch trilogy", which are some of the greatest -- and most depressing -- albums in rock history.  I'd also rank it close to the top of my favorites among Neil's 40 or so albums released to date.  The dude pretty much stands alone as a figure who has remained iconic and relevant throughout his entire career.
We'll start our random selection of Neil video highlights with this clip of the transatlantic supergroup CSNY way back in 1969, performing "Down By The River" with a classic Young vs. Stills guitar duel.   Skip ahead about a decade, and here's Neil doing a solo acoustic performance of "Thrasher".  And finally, an interesting live version of The Beatles masterpiece "A Day In The Life" from the past decade, with a special appearance by Sir Paul McCartney himself!  
(N) = New Release
(R) = Listener Request

Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Veteran's Day Poppy Trout Mask Replica 1969 USA
Buffalo Springfield Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (by Neil Young) Buffalo Springfield 1966 USA/Canada
Crosby Stills Nash & Young Sea Of Madness (live - by Neil Young) Woodstock (original soundtrack) rec. 1969, rel. 1970 USA/UK
The Stills-Young Band Let It Shine (by Neil Young) Long May You Run 1976 USA/Canada
Neil Young
Walk With Me Le Noise (N) 2010 (Reprise) Canada
Neil Young On The Beach On The Beach
1974 Canada
Neil Young
Peaceful Valley Boulevard Le Noise (N) 2010 (Reprise) Canada
Neil Young Ambulance Blues On The Beach
1974 Canada
Crazy Horse Downtown (by Danny Whitten & Neil Young - a live version later appeared on Young's Tonight's The Night LP) Crazy Horse 1971 USA
The Rockets (who later became Crazy Horse) Let Me Go (by Danny Whitten) The Rockets 1968 USA
Buffalo Springfield Bluebird (by Stephen Stills) Buffalo Springfield Again 1967 USA/Canada
Stephen Stills Bluebird Revisited Stephen Stills 2 1971 USA
David Crosby Cowboy Movie If I Could Only Remember My Name 1971 USA
Sonic Youth Computer World (by Neil Young) The Bridge: A Tribute To Neil Young (various artists) 1989 USA
Sun Araw Barstool Blues (live - by Neil Young) Geneva Hits (cassette) 2009 USA
13 Sheep Backatcha, Pod People!! 2009 USA
MV & EE Summer Mansion (live) Muskie & Manitou (N - cassette) 2010 (Brave Mysteries) USA
Miles Davis (R) Miles Milestones 1958 USA
John Coltrane Mr. Knight Coltrane Plays The Blues 1962 USA
Miles Davis (R) Mr. Freedom X On The Corner 1972 USA
Harmonia Dino Musik Von Harmonia 1974 Germany
La Düsseldorf Silver Cloud La Düsseldorf 1976 Germany
NEU! Good Life (Random-Rough) NEU! 4 rec. 1986, rel. 1995 Germany
Faust Chrome
   / Soft Prunes
   / Nachtfahrt
Faust Is Last (N) 2010 (Klangbad) Germany
The Fuck Knights Poor Boy Do The Recorded By Gary Burger From The Monks EP (N) 2010 (Crustacean) USA
The Monks We Do Wie Du Black Monk Time 1966 USA/Germany
The Chocolate Watchband Gone And Passes By No Way Out 1967 USA
Wooden Wand The Arc Death Seat (N) 2010 (Young God) USA
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