November 19, 2010 Playlist

"Axe Victim" by BeBop Deluxe (1974)
BeBop Deluxe  "Axe Victim"  1974 (UK)
BeBop Deluxe is a curious and distinctly British group from the 1970's who never achieved more than a cult following in America.  Founded at the end of the glam rock era, BeBop's music was a unique mix of prog rock instrumental chops with a futuristic pop sensibility.  One of the first rock bands of their day to sport short haircuts and wear neckties, BeBop Deluxe was a group ahead of its time -- many elements of their style seem "New Wave", though they broke up in 1978 just as that style became popular (one critic compared leader Bill Nelson to a combination of Jimi Hendrix and Brian Eno.)  After their somewhat glam-prog debut album Axe Victim, Nelson fired the original group and put together a new band (including bassist Charlie Tumahai, probably the most famous Maori New Zealander in rock) which recorded four more studio albums.  Nelson's next project was the legendary new wave synth-pop album Sound On Sound released under the name Red Noise.  
Here's the earliest video clip I could find, "Maid In Heaven" from the band's second album Futurama from 1975 (which inspired the name of the popular TV cartoon show.)  Next Nelson gets into some guitar heroics on "Terminal Street", and their biggest hit single was "Ships In The Night" -- though I think their catchiest song is "Panic In The World".  After BeBop broke up, Nelson gave up guitars for synthesizers, as seen in his solo non-hit "Do You Dream In Colour?" from 1980.
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
Black Mountain Radiant Hearts Wilderness Heart (N) 2010 (Jagjaguwar) Canada
Earthling Society The Last Hurrah Forthcoming as yet untitled 2011 album (N) 2010 (as yet unreleased) UK
No Salvation Turn On Tune In Fuck Off!! (N) 2010 (Bad Afro) Denmark
Anton Barbeau Cosmic Rockery Psychedelic Mynde Of Moses (N) 2010 (Idiot Records) USA/UK
BeBop Deluxe Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape Axe Victim
1974 UK
BeBop Deluxe Jets At Dawn Axe Victim
1974 UK
BeBop Deluxe Axe Victim Axe Victim
1974 UK
Wishbone Ash The Pilgrim Pilgrimage 1971 UK
The Vaselines Such A Fool Sex With An X (N) 2010 (Subpop) UK (Scotland)
The Black Angels
True Believers Phosphene Dream (N) 2010 (Blue Horizon) USA
Echolocation Threshold 7" single (N) 2010 (Not Not Fun) USA
My Only Friend (remix) The Caliph's Tea Party (N) 2010 (Warp) USA
Moon Duo
Stumbling 22nd St Escape (N) 2010 (Woodsist) USA
Prince Rama Raghupati Shadow Temple (N) 2010 (Carpark/
Paw Tracks)
Beyond The Sun Lime (N) 2010 (Important) UK
Sun Araw Canopy Off Duty + Boat Trip (N - reissue) 2008 (2010 Woodsist) USA
Bruce Haack Stand Up Lazarus Farad: The Electric Voice (N - reissue compilation) 2010 (Stones Throw) Canada
Iron Maiden The Alchemist The Final Frontier (N) 2010 (Universal) UK
The Antiprism Exorcist The Antiprism (N) 2010 (Barbarian) USA
Sleeping In The Aviary Maria's Ghost Great Vacation! (N) 2010 (Science of Sound) USA
Joan Of Arc (Tim Kinsella) Roots Dug into Dunes = Landslide Joan Of Arc Presents: Don't Mind Control (N)
2010 (Polyvinyl) USA
Holy Fuck
P.I.G.S. Latin (N) 2010 (Young Turks/XL) Canada
Neil Young
Someone's Gonna Rescue You Le Noise (N) 2010 (Reprise) Canada
Faust In But Out
   / Ghostrain
Faust Is Last (N) 2010 (Klangbad) Germany
Archie Bronson Outfit Harness (Bliss) Coconut (N) 2010 (Domino) UK
Grinderman (Nick Cave & 3 of The Bad Seeds) Bellringer Blues Grinderman 2 (N) 2010 (Mute/Anti-) Australia
The Corin Tucker Band Big Goodbye 1,000 Years (N) 2010 (Kill Rock Stars) USA
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