May 6, 2011 Playlist

   Augustus Owsley Stanley III aka "Bear"
Augustus Owsley Stanley III (1935 - 2011)
The Grateful Dead "marching Bears"

"You Can Be Anyone This Time Around" by Timothy Leary (1970)
Timothy Leary  "You Can Be Anyone This Time Around"  1970 (USA)
This month's special is a tribute to the late Owsley Stanley, the notorious LSD chemist who was also known as BEAR, the Grateful Dead's legendary sound engineer.  There is certainly no non-musician who ever had more impact on "acid rock" music than Owsley, who supplied the psychedelic sacrament to Ken Kesey's Merry Pranksters, all the top San Francisco rock bands, and even The Beatles (whose film Magical Mystery Tourwas inspired by the hijinks of Kesey & Owsley.)  In addition to his forays into chemistry and the science of sound, Bear also wrote some fascinating essays -- read Bear in his own words.  But since the Grateful Dead are scheduled to have their own special on this program in August, I figured an album by "the other notorious acid guru" of the sixties would make a good CAOTW.  Released in conjunction with Leary's ill-fated attempt to run for Governor of California, this record combines some truly funky and far-out grooves with Leary's spacey raps about "consciousness."  Later, while on the run in Switzerland Leary also recorded an album with Ash Ra Tempel!
Here's a prison interview with Leary, who certainly led an exciting life.  Returning to this week's subject, Bear's direct involvement in music included his stints as live sound engineer (and tape archivist) for The Grateful Dead and other San Francisco bands of the 1960's -- here's The Dead playing "Dark Star", and Jefferson Airplane paying tribute to Owsley and Lewis Carroll with "White Rabbit".  Coming up later this month:  reporting back from Austin Psych Fest 2011 (Indian Jewelry live)!
Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows Revolver 1966 UK
Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit Surrealistic Pillow 1967 USA
Pink Floyd See Emily Play A-side 7" single (Relics LP) 1967 UK
Tomorrow My White Bicycle A-side 7" single (Nuggets II box set) 1968 UK
The Animals A Girl Named Sandoz B-side 7" single (The Best of Eric Burdon & The Animals Vol. II  LP) 1967 UK
Blue Cheer Babylon Outsideinside 1968 USA
Jefferson Airplane Mexico B-side 7" single (Early Flight  LP) 1970 USA
The Mothers of Invention Are You Hung Up?
  / Who Needs The Peace Corps
We're Only In It For The Money 1968 USA
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Day Tripper (Beatles) Radio One (live at BBC) rec. 1967 USA/UK
The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Magical Mystery Tour 1967 UK
The Rolling Stones Sing This All Together (See What Happens) Their Satanic Majesties Request 1967 UK
Spectrum Owsley Forever Alien 1997 UK
Timothy Leary You Can Be Anyone This Time Around You Can Be Anyone This Time Around
1970 USA
Timothy Leary What Do You Turn On When You Turn On You Can Be Anyone This Time Around
1970 USA
Ash Ra Tempel
(with Timothy Leary)
   / Powerdrive
Seven Up 1972 Germany/USA
The Grateful Dead Dark Star ->
The Other One ->
Dark Star
Dick's Picks Volume 16
(November 8, 1969 show - recorded by Bear)
rel. 2000 USA
Ken Kesey & The Merry Pranksters
(Jerry Garcia on organ)
Acid Test Graduation Announcement
  / Fly Me To The Moon
The Acid Test Reels
(October 2, 1966 - San Francisco State University Acid Test)
rec. 1966 USA
13th Floor Elevators Slip Inside This House Easter Everywhere 1968 USA
William Shatner Spleen
  / Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Beatles)
  / The Transformed Man
The Transformed Man 1968 Canada
Andy Williams Get Together (The Youngbloods/Jefferson Airplane) Get Together With Andy Williams 1970 USA
Wendell Austin L.S.D. Wavy Gravy (various artists compilation) rec. 1960's USA
The Beatles It's All Too Much Yellow Submarine 1968 UK
The Moody Blues Legend Of A Mind In Search Of The Lost Chord 1968 UK
Blue Cheer I'm The Light  Oh! Pleasant Hope 1971 USA
Jefferson Airplane Turn Out The Lights (live) Bless It's Pointed Little Head 1969 USA
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