July 1, 2011 Playlist

The Seventh Annual
Parliament / Funkadelic
Tribute Spectacular

"Hardcore Jollies" by Funkadelic (1976)
Funkadelic  "Hardcore Jollies"  1976 (USA)
Every year we celebrate P-Funk (America's Greatest Band) at the beginning of July.  This year's classic album inductee was the first P-Funk album I scored on vinyl.  This unsung classic features the same gang of musicians that were recording the Parliament masterpieces Mothership Connection and The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein at around the same time (Parliament and Funkadelic were essentially the same group recording for two different labels under two different contracts -- it's a bit complicated!)  Indeed, a few cuts on this album would appear to be recordings of rehearsals for the legendary P-Funk tour that began on Halloween 1976, including a smoking new version of their song "Cosmic Slop" that tops the original.
The Mothership Connection Tour of 1976-77 was one of the greatest spectacles in the history of 20th century musical performance, and the group's repetoire was packed with timeless funk anthems such as "Do That Stuff" (to name but one example heard on the show this week).  Funkadelic also produced one of the most popular guitar instrumentals of all time, the title track of their 1971 album "Maggot Brain" (written by Eddie Hazel, though this version is performed by his almost equally brilliant replacement Michael Hampton).  My favorite of their many classic jams may be the title track of their 1973 album "Cosmic Slop", which combines the guitar fury of Jimi Hendrix with the social consciousness of Curtis Mayfield and the Afrocentric space mythology of Sun Ra.  Whew!
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
Parliament P. Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up) Mothership Connection 1975 USA
Funkadelic One Nation Under A Groove One Nation Under A Groove 1978 USA
The Parliaments (I Wanna) Testify A-side 7" single
(Testify! The Best Of The Early Years compilation CD)
1967 USA
The J.B.'s (featuring James Brown) Doing It To Death (parts 1 & 2) Star Time (CD box set compilation) 1973 USA
Sly & The Family Stone Africa Talks To You "The Asphalt Jungle" There's A Riot Goin' On 1971 USA
Fela Kuti & Africa '70 Water No Get Enemy Expensive Shit 1975 Nigeria
Seun Kuti & Egypt '80 You Can Run From Africa With Fury: Rise (N) 2011 (Knitting Factory) Nigeria
The Chambers Brothers Love, Peace & Happiness
(single edit)
Time Has Come: The Best of The Chambers Brothers (compilation CD) rec. 1969 USA
The Jimi Hendrix Experience If Six Was Nine Axis: Bold As Love 1967 USA/UK
Funkadelic Maggot Brain Maggot Brain 1971 USA
Eddie Hazel (P-Funk lead guitarist, co-produced by George Clinton) Frantic Moment Game, Dames & Guitar Thangs 1977 USA
Bootsy Collins (P-Funk bassist) Mirrors Tell Lies Tha Funk Capital Of The World (N) 2011 (Mascot) USA
Bootsy's Rubber Band Psychoticbumpschool Stretchin' Out In Bootsy's Rubber Band 1975 USA
United Soul (future P-Funk members Gary Shider & Cordell Mosson, produced by George Clinton) The Rat Kissed The Cat On The Naval U. S. Music With Funkadelic (compilation CD) rec. 1972, rel. 2009 USA
Parliament Loose Booty (studio jam) First Thangs (CD compilation) rec. 1970 USA
Funkadelic Comin' Around The Mountain Hardcore Jollies
1976 USA
Funkadelic Smokey Hardcore Jollies
1976 USA
"George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic" Tear The Roof Off The Sucker
   -> Get Off Your Ass And Jam
   -> Night Of The Thumpasaurus Peoples (live)
Mothership Connection Live From Houston rec. 1976, rel. 1998 USA
Parliament Do That Stuff The Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein 1976 USA
Bernie Worrell (P-Funk keyboardist, co-produced by George Clinton) Insurance Man For The Funk (featuring George Clinton & Bootsy Collins) All The Woo In The World 1978 USA
The Brides Of Funkenstein (P-Funk singers Dawn Silva & Lynn Mabry, produced by George Clinton) War Ship Touchante Funk Or Walk 1978 USA
Funkadelic 1973 (George Clinton in "whiteface")
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