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"Back In The USA" by MC5 (1970)
MC5  "Back In The USA"  1970 (USA)
The MC5 only recorded three albums, and the other two have already been CAOTW's, so this completes the set.  One of the interesting things about this seminal hard rock band is that all three of their records sound very different, yet are all clearly the work of the same gang.  Where there first album Kick Out The Jams was a scuzzy, hairy mess of high-energy caveman rock and their final record High Time was actually somewhat "progressive" (including a jazzy horn section!), the album in between is perhaps the most original and influential of them all.  Clocking in at less than 30 minutes, and featuring mostly 2-minute tinny revved-up pop songs, Back In The USA comes across like the missing link between The Monkees and The Ramones!  Despite the quixotic attempt to produce a more "commercial" sound on this record, it is perhaps their most subversive material -- while their other records speak openly of revolution in the streets, on this album they make the more subtle threat of coming to a high school near you to turn your children against you!
Here's The Five pretending to be cute teeny boppers while singing "The American Ruse" on TV (gee I can't imagine why this song wasn't a commercial radio hit!)  Another classic track from this album is a remake of one of their earliest 7" singles,  "Looking At You" (a concert staple).  And here's another revolutionary song fit for The Monkees: "Tonight".  Some other all-American songs on the show this week include Bernstein & Sondheim's West Side Story showtune "America" as performed by The Nice (featuring Keith Emerson on keyboards), and Simon & Garfunkel's song also called "America" as performed by Yes!
(N) = New Release
(R) = Listener Request
Part one (11pm-2am):  An All-American Special
Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
Jimi Hendrix The Star Spangled Banner (live at Woodstock) Sound Track Recordings From The Film "Jimi Hendrix" rec. 1969, rel. 1973 USA
Joni Mitchell The Fiddle And The Drum Clouds 1969 Canada
Spirit America The Beautiful / The Times They Are A-Changin' (Bob Dylan) Spirit Of '76 1975 USA
Funkadelic America Eats Its Young America Eats Its Young 1972 USA
Granicus You're In America Granicus 1973 USA
MC5 The American Ruse Back In The USA
1970 USA
Yes America (Simon & Garfunkel) Yesterdays (compilation LP) rec. 1972 UK
Spinal Tap America From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack "This Is Spinal Tap" 1984 "UK" (USA)
The Nice America (Bernstein-Sondheim) A-side 7" single
(bonus track on The Thoughts Of Emerlist Davjack CD)
1968 USA
The Au Pairs America Sense & Sensuality 1982 UK
Prince & The Revolution America Around The World In A Day 1985 USA
War The World Is A Ghetto (R) The World Is A Ghetto 1972 USA
Little Feat A Apolitical Blues Sailin' Shoes 1972 USA
Hush Arbors Gone Hush Arbors 2008 USA
Thurston Moore Circulation Demolished Thoughts (N) 2011 (Matador) USA
Amon Duul II Emigrant Song Made In Germany 1975 Germany
Brian Eno & David Byrne America Is Waiting My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts 1981 USA/UK
Stevie Wonder Jesus Children Of America Innervisions 1973 USA
Curtis Mayfield Miss Black America Curtis 1970 USA
Styx Miss America The Grand Illusion 1977 USA
The Grateful Dead U. S. Blues Grateful Dead From The Mars Hotel 1974 USA
Black Oak Arkansas Revolutionary All American Boys Keep The Faith 1972 USA
Rodd Keith I Am A Real American (song poem) I Died Today (compilation CD) rec. 1960's?, rel. 1996 USA
Meat Puppets Lake Of Fire (live) Live In Montana rec. 1988, rel. 1999 USA
Melvins Youth Of America (The Wipers) Electroretard 2001 USA
The United States Of America The American Way Of Love The United States Of America 1968 USA
Edgar Broughton Band American Boy Soldier Wasa Wasa 1969 UK
The Guess Who American Woman American Woman 1970 Canada
Butthole Surfers American Woman (The Guess Who) Rembrandt Pussyhorse 1986 USA
Big Black The Ugly American Racer X 1984 USA
MC5 Back In The USA (Chuck Berry) Back In The USA
1970 USA
Killdozer American Pie (Don McLean) For Ladies Only 1989 USA
 Part two (2-5am):  Ausfahrt nach Krautland und into space
Grand Funk Railroad We're An American Band We're An American Band 1973 USA
The Count Five Declaration Of Independence A-side 7" single
(bonus track on Psychotic Reaction CD)
1968 USA
Zappa/Beefheart/Mothers Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans Ahead
   / 200 Years Old (live)
Bongo Fury 1975 USA
Sergius Golowin Der Reigen Lord Krishna Von Goloka 1973 Germany
A.R. & Machines Echo Of The Past Echo 1972 Germany
Ashra Shuttle Cock Blackouts 1977 Germany
Faust Aufbruch Nach Rumaenien Faust Wakes Nosferatu 1997 Germany
Magma Ki Ïahl Ö Lïahk 1001° Centigrades 1971 France
Grails Future Primitive Deep Politics (N) 2011 (Temporary Residence) USA
Lumerians Hashshashin Transmalinnia (N) 2011 (Knitting Factory) USA
Tommy Bolin Crazed Fandango (alternate version) Teaser Deluxe (N) rec. 1975 (2011 Samson) USA
Sonic Youth Au Café Simon Werner A Disparu (N - original movie soundtrack) 2011 (SYR) USA
Sun Ra There Are Other Worlds They Have Not Told You Of Lanquidity 1978 USA
Herbie Hancock Quasar Crossings 1972 USA
Tomita Aranjuez (J. Rodrigo) Kosmos 1978 Japan
Genesis Lilywhite Lilith
   / The Waiting Room
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 1974 UK
Van der Graaf Generator Pilgrims Still Life 1976 UK
Jethro Tull Look Into The Sun Stand Up 1969 UK
The Velvet Underground Who Loves The Sun Loaded 1970 USA
Uriah Heep Sunrise The Magician's Birthday 1973 UK
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