November 4, 2011 Playlist

An Extra-Kosmik Show
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"Journey To The Centre Of The Eye" by Nektar (1971)
Nektar  "Journey To The Centre Of The Eye"  1971 (UK/Germany)
Nektar is an interesting cult band from the 1970's -- though the members of the group are English, they were based out of Germany and somewhat associated with the kosmische "krautrock" scene.  They toured the world and were as reknowned for their psychedelic light show as their music (their debut album credits two lighting technicians as full members of the band along with the four musicians!)  Uber-trippy album covers and song titles generally make Nektar seem like a cross between the Grateful Dead and a German version of Pink Floyd, though they are really not in the same rank as either of those bands.  Still, their are a lot of great moments to be found on Nektar's classic run of albums, which commenced with the Dieter Dierks-produced Journey.  It is a complete concept album with all tracks running together into two side long suites;  the story line as described in the liner notes  pretty much reads exactly like the psychedelic climax of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey (astronaut goes through trippy space warp and giant eyeballs and inner visions and stuff.  It doesn't get much heavier than that!)  By later albums such as Down To Earth (1974) and Recycled (1975) they developed a more refined "melodic prog" sound.
Here is a neat clip of Nektar from 1975 that shows a glimpse of their legendary light show: "Remember The Future", and here is the reunited group in Germany in 2003 playing "A Tab In The Ocean".  Another band based out of Germany that tried to reach a global market was Epitaph -- their 1974 LP on the short-lived American indie label Billingsgate is a common bargain bin find to this day.  But the most successful groups to come out of Germany in the 1970's began as krautrock but ended up somewhere else entirely:  heavy metallers Scorpions and electro-pop pioneers Kraftwerk (both originally produced by the late, great Conny Plank).  However we're not playing any of those other groups this week, though we are spinning the legendary underground electro-kraut duo Cluster.    
Artist Song Album Year Country
Cosmic Wheels
Cosmic Wheels 1973 UK (Scotland)
Solus 3Corner Of The World
Corner Of The World (N)2011 (Solus 3 Recordings)UK
Stomu Yamashita
(with Klaus Schulze, Steve Winwood, Al DiMeola & Michael Shrieve)
Space Song --> Carnival --> Wind Spin

Go Live From Paris 1976
The Dream Nebula Part II
  --> Burn Out My Eyes
  --> Void Of Vision
  --> Pupil Of The Eye
  --> Look Inside Yourself
  --> Death Of The Mind
Journey To The Centre Of The Eye
Cranium PieDrying In The Sun
Mechanism (Part 1) (N)2011 (Regal Crabomophone)UK
Sun ArawImpluviumAncient Romans (N)2011 (Drag City)USA
Moon Duo
MazesMazes (N)2011 (Sacred Bones)USA
Ash Ra Tempel
Laughter Loving
Starring Rosi
Sonderangebot --> Weisensee
NEU! 1972 Germany
Im Süden
Cluster II
Zolar X
Plutonian Elf Story
Timeless (CD compilation)
rec. 1974-80
ChromeWings Born In The Night
Raining Milk
Radio MoscowNo Time
The Great Escape Of Leslie Magnafuzz (N)2011 (Alive Natural Sound)USA
Hisingen BluesHisingen Blues (N)2011 (Nuclear Blast)Sweden
Far Out (pre-Far East Family Band)
Nihonjin 1973 Japan
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