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"Modern Music" by BeBop Deluxe (1976)
BeBop Deluxe  "Modern Music"  1976 (UK)
BeBop Deluxe was a band that defied easy categorization -- they were born in the age of glam rock, but always had a distinctly progressive bent.  By the mid-70's the band was sporting short haircuts and neckties in defiance of mid-70's fashion trends for rock stars, and their last batch of albums seem to prefigure the coming "new wave" movement.  Which is to say, BeBop was a band ahead of its time (a lot of their late 70's songs sound like they could have been early 80's hits).  The main brain behind BBD was always the guitar virtuouso Bill Nelson, a figure who has been compared to the likes of Hendrix, Eno and Zappa.  Modern Music was the band's 4th of five studio albums, and it's tempting to call it their most futuristic album, except they all are!
Here's a cheesy fan video for the "Modern Music" suite which is the centerpiece of this album.  I think BeBop's catchiest song ever was "Panic In The World" from their final album Drastic Plastic of 1978 (but doesn't it sounds "totally eighties"?)  More classic rockers from their oeuvre include "Fair Exchange" and "Blazing Apostles", which often led to 10 more minutes of jamming in concert.  After Bebop broke up at the end of the 70's, Bill Nelson briefly led an electro-pop outfit called Red Noise before heading in a more low-profile instrumental direction:  here's Bill Nelson today.
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year (label) Country
Wild Flag Black Tiles
Wild Flag (N)2011 (Merge)USA
Baby WoodroseNo Other Girl
Love Comes Down (N - reissue)2006 (2011 Bad Afro)Denmark
Psychic IllsIncense Head
Hazed Dream (N)2011 (Sacred Bones)USA
Wooden ShjipsLazy Bones
West (N)2011 (Thrill Jockey)USA
Radio MoscowLittle Eyes
The Great Escape Of Leslie Magnafuzz (N)2011 (Alive Natural Sound)USA
BeBop Deluxe
Modern Music
 -> Dancing In The Moonlight (All Alone)
-> Honeymoon on Mars
-> Lost In The Neon World
-> Dance Of The Uncle Sam Humanoids
-> Modern Music (Reprise)
Modern Music
BeBop Deluxe Panic In The World Drastic Plastic
BeBop Deluxe Fair Exchange (live) Live! In The Air Age
Bill Nelson's Red Noise
Out Of Touch
Mr. Free And The Satellite Freakout
Thrillorgy pt. 2
Guru Gaga (N)2010 (Bloat)USA
5-Track & Zlicious
ComplaintFloating Others (Duets) EP (N)2011 (Cosmic Primitive)USA
Dead Luke
Endless High
Meanwhile...In The Midwest (N)2011 (Moon Glyph)USA
Müff-Busters (live)
Taramöpskäsefuss (N - cassette)2010 (Earjerk)Germany
Track 3 (title in Japanese)
New Album (N)2011 (Tearbridge)Japan
Thee Oh Sees
Carrion Crawler / The Dream (N)2011 (In The Red)USA
The Bevis Frond
The Leaving of London (N)2011 (Woronzow)UK
Stephen Malkmus & The JicksSpazz
Mirror Traffic (N)2011 (Matador)USA
Eddy Current Suppression Ring
Wet CementSo Many Things (N - compilation of singles and odd tracks)2010 (2011 Goner)Australia
Duchess Says
Subtraction of Obedience
In A Fung Day T! (N)
2011 (Alien 8)Canada (Quebec)
Cranium PieRememberrrMechanism (Part 1) (N)2011 (Regal Crabomophone)UK
Master Musicians of Bukkake
In The Twilight of Kali Yuga
   / Illuminating the Ten Directions - Mahur
Totem III (N)2011 (Important)USA
Dead Skeletons
Get On The Train
Dead Magick (N)2011 (Cargo)Iceland
unreleased track from artist's website (N)
2010 (self release)UK

Solus 3Pumori
Corner Of The World (N)2011 (Solus 3 Recordings)UK
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