August 9, 2013 Playlist

"Remember The Future" by Nektar (1974)
Nektar  "Remember The Future"  1973 (UK/Germany)
Nektar was an interesting second-string psych/prog/heavy band of the 1970's, whose main points of distinction were three: 1) British guys based out of Germany, 2) their groovy light show was such an important part of their performances that their lighting guys were credited on the albums as full-fledged members of the band, because 3) they were one of the most overtly "TRIIIPYYY" bands of the psych-prog era. Though their main run of classic albums came during 1971-75, their album covers look like they are forever stuck in 1967-68. I think of them as being something akin to a European Grateful Dead, in that . . . well, they were famous for their jammy concerts and an audience that was probably "tripping balls". Remember The Future is the fourth Nektar LP, notable in that for this one the entire album is one epic 36-minute song (although, really, it's more of a medley of about ten shorter pieces that flow together into two side-long suites, which is the formula with most of their albums).
(N) = New Release
(R) = Listener Request
Artist Song Album Year Country
Bombino AmidinineNomad (N)2013 (Nonesuch)Niger
Akron/Family Whole World Is Watching
Sub Verses (N)2013 (Dead Oceans)USA
Grant Hart If We Have The Will
   / I Will Never See My Home
The Argument (N)2013 (Domino)USA
Kurt Vile Was All TalkWakin On A Pretty Daze (N)2013 (Matador)USA
Remember The Future (part 2)
Remember The Future
Nelly The Elephant (with Robert Calvert)
Down To Earth  1974
LumeriansThe Bloom
The High Frontier (N)2013 (Knitting Factory)
The Stark Reality Rocket Ship
Acting, Thinking, Feeling (N - reissue box set)rec. 1970 (2013 Now Again)USA
Julian Lynch OnionsLines (N)2013 (Underwater Peoples)USA
Matmos Very Large Green Triangles
The Marriage Of True Minds (N)2013 (Thrill Jockey)USA
Björk Virus (Hudson Mohawke "Peaches & Gauacamole" remix)Bastards (N - remix album)2013 (One Little Indian)Iceland
David Bowie (You Will) Set The World On FireThe Next Day (N)2013 (Columbia)UK
Black Sabbath God Is Dead?
13 (N)2013 (Mercury)UK
Black SabbathWicked WorldBlack Sabbath1970UK
Black SabbathAfter ForeverMaster Of Reality1971UK
ParliamentLivin' The Life (R)Osmium1970USA
PentagramAll Your SinsPentagram1985USA
SleepHoly MountainSleep's Holy Mountain1993USA
Pas Musique Abandoned Bird EggAbandoned Bird Egg (N)2013 (self release)USA
Boards Of Canada New SeedTomorrow's Harvest (N)2013 (Warp)UK (Scotland)
The OrbTowers Of Dub (live excerpt)Live '931993UK
Walter CarlosSummerSonic Seasonings1972USA
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