March 8, 2016 Playlist

"Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones ltd." by The Monkees (1967)
The Monkees "Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones ltd."  1967 (USA/UK)
Happy 71st birthday George Michael "Micky" Dolenz! He was the funniest Monkee with the best voice, the singer of immortal sixties hits like "The Last Train To Clarksville", "I'm A Believer", "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone", "Pleasant Valley Sunday" and of course "The Theme From The Monkees" ( we come, walkin' down the street...) The Monkees recording career can basically be divided into three stages: stage one is the first two albums produced by Don Kirshner and featuring The Wrecking Crew of studio pros (all those cats who played on Sonny & Cher's hits, etc.) Stage two is the sequence of (mostly hit) albums where the group was more-or-less in charge of the recording process, commencing with Headquarters, continuing with this weeks CAOTW (their third LP released in the year 1967), and then The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees and the soundtrack to their brilliant flop movie Head. The final stage was the waning popularity years after the TV show was cancelled and members began to quit (Peter was first to go, and Mike left before their final album was recorded as a duo of just Micky & Davy -- the joke was that if one more of them quit, the last guy remaining would have to bill himself as "The Monkee"!) PAC&J is one of the most notable Monkees albums for several reasons; when they had played all the instruments on their previous record, the result was basic garage rock that was more endearing than "groovy", so bringing back the session pros (and songwriters like Carole King) widened their musical palette considerably. The "historical footnote" attached to this album is that it was one of the very first pop records to feature the moog synthesizer (two years before the Beatles used them all over Abby Road). The story there relates back to our birthday boy: Micky attended the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, where he saw the amazing new technology being demonstrated by the fellows from Beaver & Krause and immediately put his filthy TV lucre to good use and purchased one of the very first moog synthesizers.
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
Eleanor Friedberger Sweetest GirlNew View (N)2016 (French Kiss)USA
DeadnoteShe's A HipsterDeadnote EP2013USA
Hooton Tennis Club ...And Then Camilla Drew Fourteen Dots On Her Knee
Highest Point In Clifftown (N)2015 (Heavenly)UK
Death By Unga Bunga Make Up Your Mind
Pineapple Pizza (N)2016 (Jensen Plateproduksjon)Norway
DungenFinns Det Någon Möjlighet42008Sweden
Yuck Hearts In Motion
Stranger Things (N)2016 (Mamé)UK
Ringo Deathstarr Acid Tongue
Pure Mood (N)2015 (Vinyl Junkie)USA
Useless Eaters Hidden Fees (live)
Live In San Francisco (N)2015 (Castle Face)USA
Dr. Dog Badvertise
The Psychedelic Swamp (N)2016 (Anti-)USA
Ty Segall Breakfast Eggs
Emotional Mugger (N)2016 (Drag City)USA
Charles Bradley Changes (Black Sabbath)
Changes (N)2016 (Dunham)USA
Black Sabbath Planet Caravan (alternate version)Paranoid (N - reissue bonus CD)1970 (2016 Rhino)UK
The MonkeesPeter Percival Patterson's Pet Pig Porky -->
   Pleasant Valley Sunday
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones ltd.
The MonkeesDaily Nightly Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones ltd.
The MonkeesAs We Go Along Head (original soundtrack) 1968
LoveMaybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And HilldaleForever Changes1967USA
The MonkeesGoin' DownB-side 7" single 1967
Sly & The Family StoneThank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)A-side 7" single (Greatest Hits LP) 1969
Al Kooper / Mike Bloomfield / Stephen StillsYou Don't Love Me (Willie Cobb)Super Session1970
CreamSitting On Top Of The World (Howlin' Wolf - live)Goodbye1969
Blue CheerThe Hunter (Booker T. Jones)Outsideinside1968
Steve Miller Band (featuring Paul McCartney)My Dark HourBrave New World1969
Jethro TullA Song For JeffreyThis Was1968
The ResidentsInfant TangoMeet The Residents1974 (1977 stereo reissue)
The Besnard Lakes Tungsten 4: The Refugee A Coliseum Complex Museum (N)2016 (Jagjaguwar)Canada
Octagrape Ono Cyclone
Aura Obelisk (N)2015 (Sounds Familyre)USA
The Moonlandingz Anti Vernacular Pipsqueak (EMS Synthi a experiment #1) -->
   Lay Yer Head Down On The Road
Expanded EP (N)2015 (Chimera)UK/USA
.e Click Of Crashing Symbols (N)2015 (self release)USA
David BowieI'm Afraid Of AmericansEarthling1997
Electric Eye Heavy Steps On Desert Floor
Different Sun (N)2016 (Jensen Plateproduksjon)Norway
Cavalier Song Stones For ThrowingBlezard (N)2015 (God Unknown)UK
Battles Tricentenial
La Di Da Di (N)2015 (Warp)USA
Linear Downfall It's Always Ending
   / Memory Prison
Sufferland (N)2015 (self release)USA
Red Transistor (Von LMO)We're Not Crazy7" single1977
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