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Noel Scott "Walker" Engel
1943 - 2019

"The Whitey Album" by Ciccone Youth (1989)
Ciccone Youth (Sonic Youth) "The Whitey Album"  1989 (USA)
Back in the 1980's before the Interweb, there was no "shit posting" or meming, but there was already an "underground" culture that sometimes liked to recontextualize the mainstream in subversive ways. (Does that even make sense to kids today? "Underground" culture is extinct, in its place are a zillion microscenes andsocial media bubbles. Or if there was an underground today, I guess it would have to happen offline since the Interweb is where the mainstream is now? Enough digression, back to the story!) Sonic Youth was a noisy, artsy-fartsy "punk rock" band from NYC that thought it would be fun to do a pop album with rap songs and covers of Madonna and Robert Palmer hits. I'm sure there was more "Andy Warhol blah blah, high culture and low culture are really the same" jive thrown around at the time, but pop is ephemeral and nobody cares about Robert Palmer covers (or 1980's NYC art trends) these days. What makes this week's CAOTW work is that it's really just an experimental Sonic Youth album: basically all of their records are built on guitar-bass-drums-andmoreguitars and they are just not the type of band to bring in a horn or string section. But for a brief period in between their double-album masterpiece Daydream Nation and leaving the indies behind to sign with a major label for Goo, they were briefly into drum machines, sampling and loops. But don't worry, there's still plenty of guitars too! And it you dig The Whitey Album, a few months prior to it they also released the similar Master-Dik 12" single, which includes the titular non-album rap song on one side and on the other, a 20-minute collage of odd grooves and atmospheres plus the funniest bits from clueless European radio interviews with the band (that side is almost like a John & Yoko album, only funnier).
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
FunkdoobiestBow Wow WowWhich Doobie U B?1993USA
Digable PlanetsPacifics (From The Soundtrack To The Motion Picture "N.Y. Is Red Hot")Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time & Space)1993USA
De La SoulBitties In The BK LoungeDe La Soul Is Dead1991USA
Run The JewelsGet ItRun The Jewels2013USA
Dr. Dooom (Kool Keith & Kutmasta Kurt)You Live At Home With Your MomFirst Come, First Served1999USA
Malibu Ken
(Aesop Rock + Tobacco from Black Moth Super Rainbow)
1 + 1 = 13Malibu Ken (N)2019 (Rhymesayers)USA
Haru NemuriYume Wo Miteiru ("I Have A Dream")Sayonara, Youthphobia EP2016Japan
DAOKOPsychedelic / OKOKDimension2015Japan
WEDNESDAY CAMPANELLAJeanne D'ArcWatashi Wo Onigashima Ni Tsurette ("Take Me Home To Ogre Island")2014Japan
FEMMCandy Girl (cover of some 80's-90's Japanese pop song)80's / 90's J-Pop Revival2017Japan/USA
REOLKonoyo Loading . . . ("This World" Loading . . . )Sigma2016Japan
BABYMETALGJ!Metal Resistance2016Japan
Ciccone Youth (Sonic Youth)Making The Nature Scene (Sonic Youth remake)The Whitey Album
Ciccone Youth (Sonic Youth)Into The Groove(y) (Madonna)The Whitey Album
Ciccone Youth (Sonic Youth)MacBethThe Whitey Album
Cypress Hill & Sonic YouthI Love You Mary JaneJudgement Night (original motion picture soundtrack)1993USA
Sonic Youth (with Chuck D)Kool ThingGoo1990USA
Royal Trux White StuffWhite Stuff (N)2019 (Fat Possum)USA
GongTropical Fish: SeleneCamembert Electrique1971France/Australia/UK
GenesisGet 'em Out By FridayFoxtrot1972UK
Peter HammillGog Magog (In Bromine Chambers)In Camera1974UK
Paul HardcastleRainforest (Original Remaster Remix)19 Below Zero (compilation)1984UK
Malcolm McLarenHobo (Scratch)D'ya Like Scratchin'? EP1983UK
The Walker BrothersThe Sun Ain't Gonna Shine AnymoreA-side single1965USA/UK
The Walker BrothersDeadlier Than The MaleA-side single1966USA/UK
Scott WalkerThe PlagueB-side single1967USA/UK
Scott WalkerThe World's Strongest ManScott 41969USA/UK
The Walker BrothersFat Mama KickNite Flights1978USA/UK
Scott WalkerJesseThe Drift2006USA/UK
Scott WalkerFuneral Tango (Jacques Brel)Scott 31969USA/UK
Scott WalkerPrinting Press / On The Way To The Meeting
   / The Meeting / Post Meeting / Finale
The Childhood Of A Leader (original motion picture soundtrack)2016USA/UK
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