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"Cypress Hill" by Cypress Hill (1991)
Cypress Hill "Cypress Hill"  1991 (USA)
It seems to me that Cypress Hill has pretty much been coasting for their entire careers on the strength of their innovative debut album, which gives you an idea of what a classic it must be (I guess it sucks when your first album is a masterpiece of the genre, because how do you top that?) It helped a lot that they arrived on the scene just as "gangsta" rap was starting to take over the charts, fluffy pop metal was giving way to gritty flannel "grunge" rock, and Bill Clinton was swearing he never inhaled (wink wink). The reason I immediately sparked to this record was their produced DJ Muggs' penchant for building grooves on the crustiest old 45's from the sixties - such as Booker T & the MGs' "Bootleg" and even "Come On In", an obscure B-side from The Music Machine that you wouldn't expect in a hiphop record (that one provides the "psychedelic circus" bridge section of their first hit "How I Could Just Kill A Man"). The other thing that makes the album a classic is the buoyant stonery braggadocio from the rappers Sen Dog (gruff ruff ruff) brilliantly contrasting with the infamously nasal style of B-Real. The first album was something of a cult classic that grew to the point that when their second album Black Sunday was released it debuted at #1 on the American album charts, and they scored an unlikely Top 40 hit "Insane In The Brain", which remains a popular catch phrase to this day and was also used as the basis of a classic joke when they appeared on The Simpsons.
(N) = New Release
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