September 4, 2019 Playlist

"Astral Weeks" by Van Morrison (1968)
Van Morrison "Astral Weeks"  1968 (UK - Northern Ireland) 
Van Morrison turned 74 years old this week. I'm surprised I hadn't already inducted this Classic Album which is arguably one of the most singular records of the late 1960's. It's hard to see how this music could even be called "rock", but it's not exactly folk or jazz music either. Perhaps "mystical folk-jazz reveries" might be a good description. Astral Weeks was recorded over three days, with Van singing and playing acoustic guitar in a booth by himself while the rest of the band played in another room; the producer later added strings and horns against Morrison's wishes (something similar happened to Nico around the same time with her similarly "unclassifiable not-rock" debut album). The band (guitar, bass, drums & flute) included jazz-leaning session legends Jay Berliner and Connie Kay, and was led by Prof. Richard Davis (longtime Madison resident and member of Eric Dolphy's best band) whose acoustic bass provides the main instrumental counterpoint to Van's voice.
Meanwhile, from 21st century Japan - Mirin, Risa, Eimi, Nemu, Moga and "Pinky!" are the nerd-girl idol band! (That was the classic lineup from 2012-2017 anyway; they've since replaced two members.) We end the show this week with a couple of their more melodic songs, including their biggest Japanese hit to date "Even If Tomorrow's Earth Becomes A Child" (with one of their least-wacky "normal girl" videos). Something I appreciate very much about is that their records sound like they are played by actual musicians not just "computer beats": here's a fun concert clip showing off their high-energy choreography in front of a live band. On the utterly opposite end of the J-pop spectrum, the artsy punk poetry rapper Haru Nemuri just released an incredibly strange music video (a very strange remix of her 2018 single "Kick In The World"). Though she hasn't put out any new records yet in 2019, she has been playing a catchy new song called "Riot" at her concerts this year (this gig was recorded in Japan less than a week ago!)
(N) = New Release
(R) = Listener Request
Artist Song Album Year Country
The Velvet UndergroundI Found A ReasonLoaded1970USA
Peter Laughner Rock & Roll (live - The Velvet Underground)Peter Laughner (N - box set compilation)rec. 1973 (2019 Smog Veil)USA
Pere Ubu What I Heard On The Pop RadioThe Long Goodbye (N)2019 (Smog Veil)USA
TC & I
(Terry Chambers and Colin Moulding from XTC)
Wonderland (live - XTC)Naked Flames: Live At Swindon Arts Centre (N)2019 (TC&I)UK
Cheer-Accident Life Rings HollowChicago XX (N)2019 (Complacency)USA
Redd Kross Ice Cream (Strange And Pleasing)Beyond The Door (N)2019 (Merge)USA
Melvins & Flipper Sacrifice (Flipper)Hot Fish EP (N)2019 (Amphetamine Reptile)USA
Bon Iver Salemi, i (N)2019 (Jagjaguwar)USA
Cass McCombs I Followed The River South To WhatTip Of The Sphere (N)2019 (Anti-)USA
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard SuperbugInfest The Rats' Nest (N)2019 (ATO)Australia
Oh Sees FU XiFace Stabber (N)2019 (Castle Face)USA
Wednesday Campanella Underground Ritual
   --> Shimameguri ("Island Tour")
Yakushima Treasure EP (N)2019 (Warner Japan)Japan
Taras Bulba The Yo-Yo ManOne (N)2019 (Riot Season)UK
DMBQ (R)FlashbulbI Know Your Sweet1999Japan
Flower Travellin' BandAll The Days (live)Make Up1973Japan
GhostGanagmanagHypnotic Underworld2004Japan
Van MorrisonAstral WeeksAstral Weeks
1968UK (Northern Ireland)
Van MorrisonCypress AvenusAstral Weeks
1968UK (Northern Ireland)
Van MorrisonThe Way Young Lovers DoAstral Weeks
1968UK (Northern Ireland)
Van MorrisonListen To The LionSaint Dominic's Preview1972UK (Northern Ireland)
Them (Van Morrison lead vocals)Gloria (the original version)The Angry Young Them1965UK (Northern Ireland)
Dempagumi.incKitto Kittone ("Surely, Surely")GOGO DEMPA2016Japan
Dempagumi.incAshita Chikyuu Ga Konagona Ni Nattemo
("Even If Tomorrow's Earth Becomes A Child")
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