February 19, 2020 Playlist

"Advaitic Songs" by Om (2012)
Om "Advaitic Songs"  2012 (USA)
Today is Tony Iommi's 72nd birthday. His band Black Sabbath not only invented heavy metal, their first three albums pretty much perfected heavy metal. Only one band has truly taken the "heavy doom/stoner" style further than Sabbath: a band called SLEEP. However, Sleep has been notoriously unproductive, releasing just four albums over the last 30 years. For about ten of those years (1999 to 2008) Sleep was broken up, and during their inactive decade bassist Al Cisneros and drummer Chris Haikus formed an interesting guitarless duo called Om while guitarist Matt Pike started a more traditional metal band called band High On Fire. Om released five albums (one more than Sleep!) though seems to be on hiatus now that Sleep is an active band again. Their best album was the last one, Advaitic Songs, which adds strings and "ethnic folk music" instrumentation to the standard Om blueprint of superheavy bass lines, plodding drums, and Cisneros' unique approach to singing and lyrics (Om's songs, like Sleep's, mostly seem to be biblical prophecies that involve smoking lots of weed).
Meanwhile in Japanese pop news, otaku idols Dempagumi.inc delivered a big ol' valentine to their fans last week: they released a brand new song and music video "Moshi Moshi Internet" - if it seems pretty strange, maybe it's because this song was written by a 16-year-old, and the video was directed by a 17-year-old computer geek! (The bleeding edge of the future: it's probably the first song heard on the Kosmik Radiation show that was written by someone born in the 21st century.) They also announced the release date and title of their forthcoming sixth album (translated into English, something like): Love Will Save The Earth! Because Dempagumi.inc Is A Family (are they hippies or what?) Also, the two newest girls to join the band, Nemo and Perorin, have started a side project called NemoPero and will soon release their debut single (UPDATE A WEEK LATER: the NemoPero single has arrived and it kind of sucks, plus the video is a cheesecake cringefest - yet it got more views in a day than the latest Dempagumi video got in a week; that's the power of cute girls in bikinis I guess.) Perorin also recently made a guest appearance (on a much better song) with new hipster idol group Meme Tokyo (she's the one in the yellow egg dress).
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
Black SabbathInto The VoidMaster Of Reality1971UK
Yoko OnoTouch MePlastic Ono Band1970Japan/UK
OOIOO Nijimusi / Nijimu ("Bleeding / Bleed")Nijimusi (N)  ("Bleeding")2020 (Thrill Jockey)Japan
. . . And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead Into The Godless VoidX: Into The Godless Void And Other Stories (N)2020 (Dine Alone)USA
Tricot Himi ("Secret")Makkuro (N) ("Black")2020 (Bakuretsu)Japan
Tame Impala It Might Be TimeThe Slow Rush (N)2020 (Interscope)Australia
The Babe RainbowSunflower SutraThe Babe Rainbow2017Australia
Poppy Sick Of The SunI Disagree (N)2020 (Sumerian)USA
Wire Off The BeachMind Hive (N)2020 (Pink Flag)UK
Black Lips Dishonest MenThe Black Lips Sing . . . In A World That's Falling Apart (N)2020 (Fire)USA
(Sandy) Alex G TakingHouse Of Sugar (N)2019 (Domino)USA
Dempagumi.inc Moshi Moshi Internet ("Hello Internet")Aiga Chikyu Sukuunsa! Datte Dempagumi.Inc Wa Family Desho (N - forthcoming album)
("Love Is The Cure That Saves The Earth! Because Dempagumi.inc Is A Family")
2020 (Meme Tokyo/Toy's Factory)Japan
OmState Of Non-ReturnAdvaitic Songs
OmGethsemeneAdvaitic Songs
SleepFrom BeyondSleep's Holy Mountain1992USA
Black SabbathHand Of DoomParanoid1970UK
PentagramReview Your ChoicesFirst Daze Hererec. 1973, rel. 2001USA
Black MountainDon't Run Our Hearts AroundBlack Mountain2005Canada
Eternal Tapestry & Sun ArawNight Gallery IVNight Gallery2011USA
The Mothers (Frank Zappa)The Grand WazooThe Grand Wazoo1972USA
Kool & The GangHollywood SwingingWild And Peaceful1973USA
Earth Wind & FireThat's The Way Of The WorldThat's The Way Of The World1975USA
Steely DanGlamour ProfessionGaucho1980USA
Menehan Street BandThe TraitorMake The Road By Walking2008USA
Soft MachineTeethFourth1971UK
Black SabbathLaguna SunriseVolume 41972UK
Charles BradleyChanges (Black Sabbath)Changes2016USA
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