September 16, 2020 Playlist

"World Wide Dempa" by (2013)
CLASSIC ALBUM OF THE WEEK "World Wide Dempa"  2013 (Japan)
Mirin Furukawa, the senior member and "center" of iconic Otaku Idol Unit, turns 34 years old this week. Idoling is a young girl's game: Mirin is probably the only Idol to have sustained a recording career for over a decade, and also stands alone as the only Japanese Idol in history to get married while still performing as an idol. World Wide Dempa was her group's second album but the first by the "classic" six-girl line up and their ticket to becoming the adorkable nerd superstars they are today. Compared to their (hitless) 2011 debut album, the music from this album onward would be far more progressive as well as aggressive (in a cute way). Highlights here include their first six Japanese hits whose chart positions tell the tale of their ascendency from cult heroes to the top 10: "Future Diver" #46, "DemParade Japan" #37, "Kira Kira Tune" #19, "Denden Passion" #6, and the self-referential mini-opera "W.W.D." #10 and its sequel "W.W.D. II" #8.
You know I can't resist the opportunity to throw some Dempa video at you: here's a cheap old music video from Mirin's short-lived attempt at a solo career from before started releasing albums (2010). Next, DG in 2013 burning up the stage for their loyal, chanting fans with their signature song "Future Diver" and the sing-along concert staple "Orange Glowstick". And here's Mirin's "punk rock" solo number from the 2014 tour where she plays guitar (sort of!) Finally, since Mirin's birthday is the biggest Dempa holiday, the group is releasing a new single this week: "Zombie Land Dempa" is a collaboration with "Franchouchou" (a semi-fictional Idol group from the animated TV show Zombie Land Saga; the voice actors from that show also perform concerts as Franchouchou). I haven't yet figured out why, but songs have often referenced zombies (in particular the female version of the word, "Zombina") - I'm guessing it has a slang meaning for Japanese otaku?
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
LiarsPillars Were Hollow And Filled With Candy, So We Tore Them Down Fins To Make Us More Fish-Like EP2002USA/Australia
Parquet CourtsI Was Just ThereHuman Performance2016USA
Eric CopelandAlien In A Garbage DumpAlien In A Garbage Dump2008USA
The Fiery FurnacesOh Sweet WoodsBitter Tea2006USA
The FallFibre Book Troll
(aka "Facebook Troll")
Sub-Lingual Tablet2015UK
(formerly (Thee) Oh Sees)
Dreary NonsenseProtean Threat (N - forthcoming album)2020 (Castle Face)USA
X Angel On The RoadAlphabetland (N)2020 (Fat Possum)USA
Guided By Voices Citizen's Blitz
   / To Keep An Area
Mirrored Aztec (N)2020 (GBV Inc.)USA
The Jayhawks Little VictoriesXOXO (N)2020 (Thirty Tigers/Sham)USA
Khruangbin Connaissais De Face
("Known From The Front")
Mordechai (N)2020 (Dead Oceans)USA
Chicano Batman Pink ElephantInvisible People (N)2020 (ATO)USA
Deerhoof New Orphan Asylum For Spirited DeerchildrenFuture Teenage Cave Artists (N)2020 (Joyful Noise)USA/Japan
Run The Jewels Holy Calamafuck
   / The Goonies vs. E.T.
RTJ4 (N)2020 (Jewel Runners/BMG)USA
Deap Lips
(Deap Vally
The Flaming Lips)
Not A Natural ManDeap Lips (N)2020 (Cooking Vinyl)USA
Mastodon A Spoonful Weighs A Ton (The Flaming Lips)Medium Rarities (N - compilation)2020 (Reprise)USA
SuunsPVCZeroes QC2010Canada (Quebec)
Psychedelic HorseshitRevolution Wavers
   / Dead On Arrival
Matmos In The Shape Of Beasts
   / Relevatory Mint Clot
   / Western Clot Rider
   / Cocktail Party How Glad I Am
The Consuming Flame: Open Exercises In Group Form (N)2020 (Thrill Jockey)USA
Traysh Creme Fraiche / Within Slime (live)A Sleeping Village (N)2020 (self released)USA
Kate BushCloudbustingHounds Of Love1985UK
Wednesday CampanellaKrakenUMA2016Japan
Dempagumi.incHajimari (instrumental overture)
("The Beginning")
World Wide Dempa
Dempagumi.incFuture DiverWorld Wide Dempa
Dempagumi.incDenden PassionWorld Wide Dempa
Dempagumi.incIDOL (BIS cover)non-album single2013Japan
Dempagumi.incOrange Rium
("Orange Glowstick")
World Wide Dempa
(Mirin Furukawa solo)
Sorry, LonelyWWDD (special edition bonus EP)2015Japan
Mirin FurukawaMiracle Fantasysingle2010Japan
Quin Kirchner Jupiter MoonThe Shadows And The Light (N)2020 (Astral Spirits)USA

Happy Birthday Mirin!
The Nerd Queen is 34 this week
Mirin Furukawa (2016)   Mirin is the center of (2020)
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