March 9, 2022 Playlist

Last week of winter PLEDGE DRIVE!
"Blind Baby Has Its Mother's Eyes"by Les Rallizes Denudes (1977-86?)
Les Rallizes Denudes "Blind Baby Has Its Mother's Eyes"  rec. 1977-86?, rel. unofficially (Japan)
I don't believe this album has officially been released by any legit record label yet. For you see, the band that recorded it were anarcho-communists who did not believe in such bourgeois decadence as signing record contracts or making records in professional studios. The band's sole continuous member Takashi Mizutani played underground rock concerts from the late 1960's all the way into the mid-1990's and the bulk of their recorded legacy consists of grey-market "bootlegs" of their live shows. (But nobody's copyright is being violated since Mizutani never published anything, his art was truly free, man.) If that's not "underground" enough for you, weirder still this Japanese band's name is made-up (incorrect) French meant to mean "the naked suitcases". Their music is incredibly loud and distorted, making them Japan's original "noise music" band (their original influences back in the sixties were the two most abrasive groups of that era: The Velvet Underground and Blue Cheer). Mizutani generally performed the same half dozen songs over and over again for decades, but every performance was a unique ocean of guitar with songs usually lasting ten to twenty minutes or more. Blind Baby is often referred to as an ideal entry point for the curious noob, I think because the first 19-minute jam sort of has a catchy hook and groove and is even in stereo (whether it was recorded in a studio or some sort of dubby remix of a live performance is unknown). In 2021, friends of Mizutani launched an "offficial" website, two years after the mysterious man passed away. Presumably, some "official" albums may eventually be forthcoming. 

(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
Lothar & The Hand PeopleSpace HymnSpace Hymn1969USA
John Dwyer The War ClockMoon Drenched (N)2021 (Castle Face)USA
Haru NemuriNarashite (Nemu remix - bonus track)
("Sound - Sleep remix")
Haru To Shura
("Springtime And Carnage")
Haru Nemuri (with Totzusen Shonen)Rock & Roll Wa Shinanai 
("Rock & Roll Does Not Die")
Haru To Shura
("Springtime And Carnage")
Atarashii Gakko!  ("New School!") Free Your MindSNACKTIME EP (N)2021 (88rising)Japan
Cheer-Accident Dream Police (Cheap Trick)Here Comes The Sunset (N)2022 (Skin Graft)USA
75 Dollar Bill Black To Comm / 9 To 5 (live - MC5 / Dolly Parton)Social Music At Troost Vol. 3: (Other) People's Music (N)2022 (self released)USA
Les Rallizes Denudes
(made-up "French" meant to mean "The Naked Suitcases")
Blind Baby Has Its Mother's EyesBlind Baby Has Its Mother's Eyes
rec. 1970's-80's
rel. unofficially many times
Les Rallizes DenudesOtherwise My ConvictionFlightless Bird (Yadogo A Go Go) - compilationrec. 1960's, rel. 2007Japan
The Velvet UndergroundWhite Light / White HeatWhite Light / White Heat1968USA/UK(Wales)
ChromeHalf Machine Lip Moves Half Machine Lip Moves1979USA
FaustMamie Is BlueSo Far1972Germany
NEU!Sonderangebot / Weissensee
("Special Offer / White Lake")
Magical Power MakoCha Cha ChaMagical Power Mako1973Japan
Karlheinz StockhausenMomente (first half)
Momente - Version 1965rel. 1967Germany
Luciano BerioSinfonia (movements 1 & 2)Sinfonia1969Italy
John CageFontana Mix With AriaEarly Electronic And Tape Musicrec. 1958USA

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