September 21, 2022 Playlist

Super-Obscure Sixties #1
for Pledge Drive!
Wendy & Bonnie "Genesis" (1969)
Wendy & Bonnie "Genesis"  1969 (USA)
We're digging deep for the most obscure psychedelia of the 1960's this week, to entice you with the awesomeness of community radio for WORT-FM's Fall Pledge Drive! Wendy and Bonnie Flower (those actually are their real names) made one groovy teenage folk rock album at the end of the sixties. They sing very well, many of the tunes are memorable, and the production is also terrific. So why did this album become a classic obscurity instead of a hit? Two reasons I think: first, their record label Skye went out of business shortly after their album came out. But secondly, I don't know that there was a very big market for teen girls singing honest songs about their feelings at that time. Mopey Joni and Neil could get away with it because the Love Generation looked up to them as hip elder sibling types, but who wants to hear teenagers sing about being depressed? It also sounds extremely dated - this music could only have been recorded in the late sixties - which probably also worked against it at the time ("cringe!"), but for those of us in the far future it becomes an engaging time capsule showing the groovy years from a perspective that wasn't often heard: the sixties had tons of songs about teen girls, but very few songs from their point of view.
Artist Song Album Year Country
The Electric PrunesHey Mr. PresidentA-side 7" single1969USA
The Head ShopHead ShopThe Head Shop1969USA
The HombresIt's A GasLet It Out1967USA
Betty DavisIt's My LifeThe Columbia Years 1968-1969
(compilation of unreleased tracks)
rec. 1968-69, rel. 2018USA
Mecki Mark MenFreeMecki Mark Men1967Sweden
The Moving Sidewalks
(Billy Gibbons before ZZ Top)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (The Beatles)A-side 7" single1968USA
Alice CooperLivingPretties For You1969USA
Sam Gopal
(Lemmy before Hawkwind and Motorhead)
David BowieWe Are Hungry MenDavid Bowie1967UK
The Amboy Dukes
(with Ted Nugent)
For His NamesakeMigration1969USA
The Aynsley Dunbar RetaliationWarningA-side 7" single1967UK
The Human InstinctYou Really Got Me (The Kinks)B-side 7" single1970New Zealand
Ars NovaWell Well WellSunshine & Shadows1969USA
BangoRock DreamBango1970Brazil
The Fifty Foot HoseRed The Sign PostCauldron1968USA
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental BandBuddhaVol. 21967USA
The Count FiveRevelation In Slow MotionA-side 7" single1968USA
Federal DuckBirdFederal Duck1968USA
The UnfoldingPlay Your GameHow To Blow Your Mind And Have A Freakout Party1967USA
T.I.M.E. (Trust In Men Everywhere)Tripping Into SunshineT.I.M.E.1968USA
Bent WindThe LionsSussex1969Canada
Bill CosbyHooray For The Salvation Army BandHooray For The Salvation Army Band1968USA
The DeepPsychedelic MoonPsychedelic Moods1966USA
The Driving StupidGirl's Got A TurtleHorror Asparagus Stories
(compilation of unreleased tracks)
rec. 1966, rel. 2002USA
I, Brute ForceTo Sit On A SandwichConfections Of Love1967USA
Lothar & The Hand PeopleMachinesPresenting...1968USA
The Love MachineMindblowerElectronic Music To Blow Your Mind1968???
The Free Pop Electronic ConceptChewing Gum DeliriumA New Exciting Experience1969Belgium
The Dragons
(Daryl Dragon before The Captain & Tenille)
Sunset SceneryBFI
(compilation of unreleased tracks)
rec. 1969, rel. 2007USA
Mandrake MemorialSmokescreenMedium1969USA
Ace Of CupsSimplicityIt's Bad For You But Buy It!
(compilation of unreleased tracks)
rec. late 1960's, rel. 2003USA
BearWhat DifferenceGreetings, Children Of Paradise1968USA
Wendy & BonnieIt's What's Really HappeningGenesis
Wendy & BonnieFive O'Clock In The MorningGenesis
Wendy & BonnieThe Paisley Window PaneGenesis
Negative SpaceThe Long HairB-side 7" single1970USA
Pearls Before SwineImages Of AprilBalaklava1968USA
(Steve Hillage plus the musicians who would form Egg:
Dave Stewart, Mont Campbell & Clive Brooks)

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