Your Host: Dave 3000


The best way to reach me is to send an email any time to:

dave3000 at kosmikradiation dot com


Or, like,if you're on facebook, "like" the show here, like:

But if you send me a message on facebook I might not get it for a (VERY LONG) while (use the email above please).


If you are a musician/band and you have CD's or promo material you'd like to submit to the show, post your stuff to:

Dave 3000 / Kosmik Radiation
WORT Radio
118 South Bedford Street
Madison, WI 53703 (USA)

I also take submissions in mp3 and other digital formats -- send download link to the email above (please don't just email me a large file!) Or if you do Dropbox, you can email me about that.


You may also submit material to the radio station as a whole insted of specifically for the Kosmik Radiaton program: simply post to the address above, but substitute "Sybil Augustine / Music Director" for Dave 3000.

NOTE: I do NOT guarantee that unsolicited material will get played on the show, particularly if it doesn't fit the Kosmik Radiation format. Contact me first by email if you are unsure.


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