Dave 3000's Top 10 New Releases of 2006

(Just my opinion!)

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Scott Walker "The Drift"

Scott Walker  "The Drift" (4AD)


Liars "Drum's Not Dead"

Liars  "Drum's Not Dead" (Mute)


Mission of Burma "The Obliterati"

Mission of Burma  "The Obliterati" (Matador)


The Fiery Furnaces "Bitter Tea"

The Fiery Furnaces  "Bitter Tea" (Fat Possum)


The Rogers Sisters "The Invisible Deck"

The Rogers Sisters  "The Invisible Deck" (Too Pure)


The Mars Volta "Amputechture"

The Mars Volta  "Amputechture" (Universal)


Earthling Society "Plastic Jesus & The Third Eye Blind"

Earthling Society  "Plastic Jesus and the Third Eye Blind" (Nasoni)


Yo La Tengo "I Am Not Afraid Of You & I Will Beat Your Ass"

Yo La Tengo  "I Am Not Afraid of You & I Will Beat Your Ass" (Matador)


The Black Angels "Passover"

The Black Angels  "Passover" (Light In The Attic)


Pere Ubu "Why I Hate Women"

Pere Ubu  "Why I Hate Women" (Smog Veil)


Honorable mentions:

Landing "Brocade" (2005)  Landing   "Brocade" (Strange Attractors 2005)
(I didn't hear this album until too late to include in the 2005 list, and since the 2006 list is only records released in 2006, this one fell through the cracks -- but it is good enough it should have been in the top 10 of one year or the other.)
The Black Keys  "Magic Potion"
Comets on Fire  "Avatar"
Danava  "Danava"
The Flaming Lips  "At War With The Mystics"
NoMeansNo  "All Roads Lead To Ausfahrt"
Oneida  "Happy New Year"
OOIOO  "Taiga"
The Paybacks  "Love, Not Reason"
Slayer  "Christ Illusion"
Turn Me On Dead Man  "Technicolour Mother"
Viva Voce  "Get Yr Blood Sucked Out"
Best Local Albums (from Madison, WI):
Faghat  "The Future Is Coming" (self-release)
The Skintones  "This Is Science" (Crustacean)
Various Artists  "Smart Studios & The Slipper Club present Under The Radar" (Cancer)

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