September 12, 2007 Playlist

"High Time" by MC5 (1971)
MC5 "High Time" 1971 (USA)
The MC5 recorded three albums, each of which sounded completely different and sold fewer copies than the one before. Their first record Kick Out The Jams is a proto-metal soul revue radical hippie freakout recorded live in concert, and briefly made the top 40 on the album charts before being pulled from many store shelves (due to an F-bomb on the record and the band's campaign against local chain store Hudsons.)  Their second album Back In The USA contains tight two-minute bubblegum nuggests of primordial punk rock, and the radical overtures of their first album become more of a subversive undertone -- clearly, they were trying to get on the radio and back into record stores -- but the record sold poorly.  This, their third and final album, failed to chart at all, but many consider it to be their most musically adventurous.  The songs are lengthy and include complex riffery and progressive touches like a Salvation Army band for the opening number "Sister Anne" and a jazz horn section and army of percussionists on the closer "Skunk (Sonicly Speaking)".  
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(Featuring More Heavy Bands That Never Made It)

(N) = New Release
(R) = Listener Request
Artist Song Album Year Country
Audionom Ljusets Krigare Retrospektiv (N) 2007 (Kemado) Sweden
Caribou After Hours Andorra (N) 2007 (Merge) Canada
Numbers What Happened To You Now You Are This (N) 2007 (Kill Rock Stars) USA
Trin-Tran Tyr Trainer Grows A Rose (N) 2007 (Animalman) USA
Zolar X I'm Plugged In X Marks The Spot (N) 2007 (Alternative Tentacles) USA
Turbo Fruits Ramblin' Rose (MC5 cover) Turbo Fruits (N) 2007 (Ecstatic Peace) USA
MC5 Sister Anne High Time
1971 USA
May Blitz (R) Smoking The Day Away May Blitz 1970 UK
Zior Angel Of The Highway Every Inch A Man 1972 UK
Blodwyn Pig Send Your Son To Die Getting To This 1970 UK
Blossom Toes Love Bomb If Only For A Moment 1969 UK
T2 CD T2 1970 UK
Speed Glue & Shinki Searching For Love Speed Glue & Shinki 1972 Japan
Flower Travellin' Band Kamikaze Made In Japan 1972 Japan
Chico Magnetic Band We All Come And Go Chico Magnetic Band 1970 Algeria
Edgar Broughton Band (R) There's No Vibrations, But Wait! Sing Brother Sing 1970 UK
July To Be Free July 1968 UK
Tomorrow Now Your Time Has Come Tomorrow 1968 UK
Khan Stargazers Space Shanty 1972 UK
Klaatu Anus Of Uranus 3:47 E.S.T. (aka Klaatu) 1976 Canada
Budgie If I Were Brittania I'd Waive The Rules If I Were Brittania I'd Waive The Rules 1976 UK (Wales)
Plastic Cloud Shadows Of Your Mind Plastic Cloud 1969 Canada
Fever Tree Imitation Situation
  / Where Do You Go?
Fever Tree 1968 USA
Frost Maybe Tomorrow Through The Eyes Of Love 1970 USA
Brigade Self-Made God Last Laugh 1970 USA
SRC The Angel Song Milestones 1969 USA
The Grodeck Whipperjenny Why Can't I Go Back? The Grodeck Whipperjenny 1970 USA
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band Our Drummer Always Plays In The Nude A Child's Guide To Good & Evil  1968 USA
MF Lunch & The Little Cotton Woolies Ass Clown Boogie Woogie Trippin' Time (N)
2007 (self) USA
The Sea And Cake Middlenight Everybody (N) 2007 (Thrill Jockey) USA
Exile In The Night 22 Art Don't Sleep Presents From LA With Love (Various Artists - N) 2007 (Milan) USA
Black Moth Super Rainbow The Afternoon Turns Pink Dandelion Gum (N) 2007 (Graveface) USA
Lunar Dunes Herzogovina (interpolating Le Petite Chevalier by Nico) From Above (N) 2007 (Lunar Dunes) UK
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