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"The Parable of Arable Land" by The Red Crayola (1967)
The Red Crayola "The Parable of Arable Land"  1967 (USA)
The debut album by The Red Crayola was released on the reknowned Texican label International Artists (founded by Kenny Rogers' brother!), which was most famous as the home of 13th Floor Elevators (and also one-hit nugget wonders The Bubble Puppy - though the IA label actually only ever released 12 LPs in 5 years!) The Elevators had set new highs in American psych-rock, but Parable was probably the most psychedelic album released anywhere in 1967. A half dozen "songs" with very little structure are interspersed with "free-form freakouts" (probably to pad out the fact they barely had six songs). Roky Erikson plays organ on one track: he sounds like Sun Ra missing nine of his fingers. When the Crayola played live, they just made horrible electronic noise until someone would unplug them. Amazingly, the group made like a dozen more records over the next several decades (under the revised name The Red "Krayola" for legal reasons, with their most recent release in 2010) - although leader Mayo Thompson has been the only consistent member. Their second album Coconut Hotel was recorded in 1967 but went unreleased until 1995: it makes Parable sound like Sgt. Pepper, but is also a pioneering work in the "ambient drone" style (nothing on the album sounds like a melody or even an instrument). However by the 1990's, the version of Krayola releasing albums on the indie rock label Drag City (home of Royal Trux) included some "actual" musicians and began to approach something related to rock. Arguably, that makes this the longest-running underground band in America.
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
The Amboy DukesNight TimeThe Amboy Dukes1967USA
The Strawberry AlarmclockLose To LiveIncense and Peppermints1967USA
Arjen Anthony Lucassen Flowers In The Rain (The Move)
Strange Hobby (N)2016 (Cherry Red)Netherlands
Fire In The Field Eyes
Look So Strange EP (N)2016 (self release)USA
Of Montreal Gratuitous Abysses
Innocence Reaches (N)2016 (Create Control)USA
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings I'm Still HereMiss Sharon Jones! (N - movie soundtrack)2016 (Daptone)USA
The Love Dimension Get Real WildFreakquency Space Mind Continuum EP (N)2016 (Diamond Heart)USA
Sonny & The Sunsets Nightmares
Moods Baby Moods (N)2016 (Polyvinyl)USA
The Walking Faces Endless HighwayThe Invisible Planet (N)2016 (Cosmic Primitive)USA
Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Creation
The Soft Bounce (N)2016 (Phantasy Sound)UK
Robert Bensick Band Payphone Meter Lover
French Pictures In London (N)rec. 1975 (2016 Smog Veil)USA
Boredoms(two circles) / (up arrow)Vision Creation New Sun2001Japan
The Red Crayola Free Form Freak-Out / Hurricane Fighter Plane The Parable Of Arable Land
The Red CrayolaFree Form Freak-Out / Pink Stainless TailThe Parable Of Arable Land
The Red CrayolaFree Form Freak-Out / War SucksThe Parable Of Arable Land
13th Floor ElevatorsDr. DoomBull Of The Woods 1968
The Red KrayolaI Knew ItThe Red Krayola1994
Ranch Ghost Black Caboose
Lookin (N)2016 (Rough Beast)USA
The Mystery Lights Intro / Follow Me Home
The Mystery Lights (N)2016 (Wick)USA
Essential Tremors Death PerceptionThe Visitor EP (N)2016 (Third Man)USA
Synthetic ID Note For Note
Impulses (N)2016 (Castle Face)USA
Children of Leir HateChildren of Leir (self-titled third album - N)2016 (self release)UK
Flamingods Gojira
Majesty (N)2016 (Soundway)Bahrain/UK
Tunde Adebimpe, Lee Ranaldo & Friends Playing In The Band (Grateful Dead)Day Of The Dead (N - various artists box set)2016 (4AD)USA
The Flaming Lips Dark Star (Grateful Dead)Day Of The Dead (N - various artists box set)2016 (4AD)USA
Tim Hecker Transitive Refraction Axis For John OswaldDay Of The Dead (N - various artists box set)2016 (4AD)Canada
Man Forever, So Percussion & Oneida Drums --> Space (Grateful Dead)Day Of The Dead (N - various artists box set)2016 (4AD)USA
New Madrid Guay Lo
magnetkingmagnetqueen (N)2016 (Normaltown)USA
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