October 10, 2018 Playlist

Marty Balin
R.I.P. Martyn Buchwald AKA Marty Balin
Founder of Jefferson Airplane
"Moog - The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman" (1969)
Dick Hyman "Moog - The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman"  1969 (USA)
The Moog synthesizer, named for its inventor Robert Moog, debuted in 1967 and among the first records to take advantage of the otherwordly sounds it produced were by the duo Perrey & Kingsley and - believe it or not! - The Monkees (Micky Dolenz bought one of the very first units). But arguably the most fluid performer on the instrument was Dick Hyman, a jazz pianist who specialized in classic early styles (Jelly Roll Morton and such) who later added Lowry organ to his repetoire before getting his hands on a Moog. In 1969, Hyman released two classic "moogsploitation" albums, a subgenre that existed for a few years in which popular tunes of the day (Beatles, Joni, etc.) were rendered on the new synthesizer. In large part, the success of Hyman's albums were what drove this trend (also the million-selling Switched-On Bach by Walter (Wendy) Carlos). However, Electric Eclectics actually features original tunes (and some multi-tracked improvisation) by Hyman, and it includes pop tunes that are quite catchy ("The Moog And Me", memorably sampled on one of Beck's 90's hits) and freaked out grooviness (the unlikely hit single "The Minotaur" which points the way towards Kraftwerk and krautrock). At the same time, Hyman was also grooving the moog (and his other keyboards) on classic easy listening albums by Enoch Light & The Light Brigade. In Japanese pop music news this week, here's two groups I haven't played on the show before: Perfume have just released a new album called Future Pop with a terrific title track (written and arranged by Yasutaka Nakata), and Tricot is an indie rock band with an interesting angular jazzoid guitar sound.
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
Jefferson AirplaneTodaySurrealistic Pillow1967USA
Jefferson AirplaneThe House At Pooneil CornersCrown Of Creation1968USA
Bodacious D.F.Drivin' Me CrazyBodacious D.F.1973USA
Jefferson Airplane3/5ths Of A Mile In 10 Seconds (live)Bless It's Pointed Little Head1969USA
Grace Slick¿Come Again? ToucanManhole1974USA
Guerilla Toss Hacking MachineTwisted Crystal (N)2018 (DFA)USA
Ty Segall & White Fence Tommy's PlaceJoy (N)2018 (Drag City)USA
Oh Sees Beat QuestSmote Reverser (N)2018 (Castle Face)USA
The Orb Rush Hill RoadNo Sounds Are Out Of Bounds (N)2018 (Cooking Vinyl)UK
Aphex Twin MT1 t29r2Collapse EP (N)2018 (Warp)UK
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Virtual Pamyu Pamyu
   / Enka Natorium
Japamyu (N)2018 (Warner Japan)Japan
Perfume Future PopFuture Pop (N)2018 (Universal)Japan
FEMM PlasticDollhouse EP (N)2018 (FEMM's Agency Syndicate)Japan
Wednesday CampanellaRaZipangu2016Japan
Poppy Immature Couturesingle (N)2018 (I'm Poppy / Mad Decent)USA
Haru Nemuri Lost PlanetHaru To Shura (N)2018 (Perfect)Japan
Tricot Potagesingle (N)2018 (Bakuretsu)Japan
Karassu Wa Masshiro ("A Crow Is White")Fake! Fake!Onsoku Merry-Go-Round EP2014Japan
CanHalf Past OneLanded1975Germany
The Cosmic JokersKinder Des AllsGalactic Supermarket1974Germany
Amon Duul IIStumbling Over Melted MoonlightTanz Der Lemminge1971Germany
Marijuana DeathsquadsPink DustCrazy Master2011USA
StereolabMargerine MelodieMargerine Eclipse2004UK/France
Dick HymanThe Moog & MeMoog - The Electric Eclectics Of Dick Hyman
Dick HymanFour Duets In Off MeterMoog - The Electric Eclectics Of Dick Hyman
Dick HymanThe MinotaurMoog - The Electric Eclectics Of Dick Hyman
Dick HymanBlackbird (The Beatles)The Age Of Electronicus1969USA
Enoch Light (with Dick Hyman on Moog)What The World Needs Now (Burt Bacharach)Spaced Out
Perrey & KingsleyMas Que Nada (Jorge Ben)Kaleidoscopic Vibrations1967France/USA
Silver ApplesProgramSilver Apples1968USA
Jefferson StarshipMiraclesRed Octopus1975USA
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