March 27, 2019 Playlist

Here's one more "weird millenial pop girls from the internet" classic album: the debut by the most globally popular Japanese group of this decade, the incomparable BABYMETAL. Take three contestants from a teenage pop idol reality show, dress them up like heavy metal cheerleaders, hire the biggest talents from the local underground metal scene, and the result has blown the minds of pop music fans and won the loyalty of the largest music fan commnity in the world. The group has released two albums so far, both of which are quite enjoyable if you like metal and melody, though the debut (our CAOTW) is a bit more winning since it was more eclectic than the "even more metal" follow-up Metal Resistance, and because it was the blueprint for "kawaii metal" (cute metal) which is actually developing into a scene of its own in Japan (or at least BABYMETAL is popular enough to inspire a legion of imitators). Since a big part of BABYMETAL's appeal is visual, enjoy the majesty of their adorable choreography and million-dollar concert staging: "Gimme Chocolate!!" is their most popular song and video to date, and "The One" is a standout track from their second album.
In other Japanese rock news, the first Haru Nemuri concert footage of 2019 has arrived online, including this powerful festival performance in front of the biggest, most enthusiastic crowd I've seen her with so far. Also, she has a new song out in collaboration with the band Prune Deer. Plus, this fun mash-up of her 2018 "Kick in the World" single with the MC5 classic "Kick Out the Jams" (how big a Haru fan am I? I was the 20th person on Earth to view that last one, which still has less than 100 views!)
Also, we lost one of the major musical figures of the last half century - the incomparable SCOTT WALKER (Noel Scott Engel) has passed at age 76. I didn't pay tribute on the show this week, because I have featured his music so regularly over the years - in fact, I just played his 2014 classic album on the previous show and mused on the air that it had been a couple years since we've heard from him and he might not make any more records (curse my powers of prophecy). But the press release from his label did reveal the first hint of personal biography from this notoriously reclusive artist: Scott was survived by a "partner", daughter and granddaughter.
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
Rare Earth(I Know) I'm Losing You (The Temptations)Ecology1970USA
The FlockLighthouseDinosaur Swamps1970USA
Black Oak ArkansasCollective ThinkingEarly Timesrec. 1969, rel. 1974USA
Black Oak ArkansasPlugged In & WiredBack Thar 'n' Over Yonder2013USA
Guided By Voices Questions Of The TestZeppelin Over China (N)2019 (GBV Inc.)USA
Jack White CorporationBoarding House Reach (N)2018 (Third Man)USA
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard AcarineB-side single (N)2019 (ATO)Australia
Malibu Ken
(Aesop Rock + Tobacco from Black Moth Super Rainbow)
TuesdayMalibu Ken (N)2018 (Rhymesayers)USA
Matmos Fanfare For Polyethylene Waste ContainersPlastic Anniversary (N)2019 (Thrill Jockey)USA
DAOKO Sunnyboy-RainygirlShiteki Ryokou ("Welcome") (N)2018 (Toy's Factory)Japan
BABYMETALGimme Choko!! ("Give Me Chocolate")BABYMETAL
BABYMETALOnedari Daisakusen ("Beg Dad For It")BABYMETAL
2014Japan Midnight ("Hilarious Midnight")BABYMETAL
BABYMETALThe OneMetal Resistance2016Japan
REOLSeimeisen ("Lifeline")Gokusaishiki ("Vividly Colored")2015Japan
Kyary Pamyu PamyuSerious Hitomi ("Serious Eyes")Pika Pika Fantajin ("Sparkly Fantasy People")2014Japan
DMBQ So The Word Of Good SpreadKEEENLY (N)2018 (Drag City)Japan
ScopionsDrifting SunFly To The Rainbow1973Germany
Black SabbathChildren Of The SeaHeaven & Hell1980UK/USA
Sheep Fiends Ronnie James DioBlowing Away (N)2018 (self release)USA
RainbowBlack Sheep Of The Family (Quatermass)Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow1975UK/USA
The Once & Future BandBrain (Watching My Eyes)Brain EP2014USA
Aphrodite's Child (Vangelis)Loud, Loud, Loud
   / The Four Horsemen
   / The Lamb
VangelisNucleogenesis part 1 & 2Albedo 0.391976Greece
VangelisDervish DSpiral1977Greece
TomitaThe Harp of the Ancient People with Songs of Venus and Space Children (Prokofiev)The Bermuda Triangle1979Japan
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