April 15, 2020 Playlist

"Ascent" by Six Organs Of Admittance (2012)
Six Organs Of Admittance "Ascent"  2012 (USA)
Six Organs Of Admittance is Chicago-based guitar player Ben Chasny, formerly of the heavy psychedelic underground guitar frenzy band Comets On Fire. Six Organs albums are generally dominated by acoustic guitars, ambience, and spiritual/mystical lyrics. But on Ascent, he reunited with Comets and it's a super heavy spacerock freakout! But also still has folksy touches and spiritual themes, which makes it more than just a dumb, drooling guitar frenzy. This is my favorite 6OOA album by far, and I also like it better than the four albums Comets released in 2001-2006. Which is not to say that I don't also enjoy the "usual" Six Organs (or Comets) style, just that if you check this album out and love it, you will find that Six/Comets other output sounds like different bands. Thus Ascent is a one-of-a-kind album of its era; the closest predecessor I can think of is krautrock's most eclectic kosmische band Amon Duul II in their early hairy hippie days, only with louder guitars. In fact, there's a few riffs on this record which definitely remind me of the ultimate heavy underground guitar band, Japan's mysterious and ultraloud Les Rallizes Denudes (which could be Comets' biggest influence, come to think of it.)
Today is the release date for Dempagumi.inc's sixth album Aiga Chikyu Sukuunsa! Datte Dempagumi.inc Wa Family Desho. Apparently the deluxe version comes with a bonus EP of six solo songs by the six members of the group: here's the preview link. The most interesting are Eimi's tune which is totally METAL(!) and Nagi's song which is in the same lo-fi/futuristic "vaporwave" style as the group's recent "Moshi Moshi Internet" single. The other four tracks seem pretty "on-brand" for their respective members: Mirin's sounds like Dempagumi only "more earnest", Risa's is "a bit goth", Rin's is "more childish" (and further evidence that she is the weakest singer in the current lineup), while Pinky! simply updates the bouncy disco bubblegum of her first solo record from 5 years ago (warning: dangerous levels of kawaii). I haven't learned to read Japanese, I have just listened to this silly/awesome group enough that I can instantly recognize each of their voices!
But wait there's more! This morning Dempagumi.inc released an extremely topical new song & video "Nanto! Sekai Konin Hikikomori!" which means something like "Oh My Gosh! World-Approved Shut-Ins!", or as a bit of text in the video puts it "Stay home, otaku the world." This song celebrates how Japan's nerdy (otaku) shut-ins (hikikomori) were "social distancing" before it was cool.
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
Os Mutantes
("The Mutants")
Ando Meio Desligado
("I Walk Disconnected")
A Divina Comédia ou Ando Meio Desligado
("A Divine Comedy Or I Walk Disconnected")
TrafficShanghai Noodle FactoryLast Exit1969UK
The DoorsThe WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)L.A. Woman1971USA
Creedence Clearwater RevivalRude Awakening #2Pendulum1970USA
Cornershop One Uncareful Lady OwnerEngland Is A Garden (N)2020 (Ample Play)UK
DISQ Daily RoutineCollector (N)2020 (Saddle Creek)USA
Mr. Elevator Kompressor
   / Sylvia
Goodbye, Blue Sky (N)2020 (Castle Face)USA
OOIOO Jibun ("Myself")Nijimusi (N)  ("Bleeding")2020 (Thrill Jockey)Japan
Haru Nemuri LovetheismLovetheism EP (N)2020 (TO3S)Japan
Six Organs Of AdmittanceWasawasaAscent
Six Organs Of AdmittanceClose To The Sky
   / They Called You Near
Six Organs Of AdmittanceComing To Get YouShelter From The Ash2007USA
Comets On FireThe Black PoodleField Recordings From The Sun2002USA
SleepThe Wall Of YawnVolume One1991USA
MelvinsYour Blessened (live)Pick Your Battlesrec. 1989, rel. 2009USA
Maximum The HormoneMaximum The HormoneYoshu Fukushu ("Prepare For Vengeance")2013Japan
88Kasyo Junrei
("88-point Pilgrimage")
circle triangle square2012Japan
Älgarnas Trädgård
("Garden Of The Elks")
Saturnus Ringar
("Rings Of Saturn")
Framtiden Är Ett Svävande Skepp, Förankrat I Forntiden
("The Future Is A Hovering Ship, Anchored In The Past")
Caribou Cloud SongSuddenly (N)2020 (City Slang)Canada
L.A. Takedown There Is A Drone In Griffith ParkOur Feeling Of Natural High (N)2020 (Castle Face)USA
Smoke Fairies Coffee Shop BluesDarkness Brings The Wonders Home (N)2020 (Year Seven)UK
Black Lips Get It On TimeThe Black Lips Sing . . . In A World That's Falling Apart (N)2020 (Fire)USA
Stephen Malkmus Cash UpTraditional Techniques (N)2020 (Matador)USA
Wolfgang DaunerRagaEt Cetera1971Germany
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