May 13, 2020 Playlist

"Innerspeaker" by Tame Impala (2010)
Tame Impala "Innerspeaker"  2010 (Australia)
Tame Impala is the name for Kevin Parker's musical projects; he writes, records, produces and performs Tame Impala's albums mostly by himself, though adds other musicians when on tour. If there is a key second member, it might be psychedelic rock veteran Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, and producer of Black Moth Super Rainbow's best album) who mixed the first couple TA albums and maximized their kosmik sound. In particular Innerspeaker has a wall-of-lovely-fuzz mix reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine's (only) classic album. To be honest, I don't rate Tame Impala that highly overall, aside from this debut album. All of Parker's albums have a similar groovy heavy space guitar sound, but Innerspeaker is the only one with consistently catchy songs and mostly uptempo grooves. My main complaint about the rest of their albums would be "too many slow songs" (or to reverse the cliche from Amadeus, "not enough notes!") However, praise must also be given due to Tame Impala being the breakout artist in the ongoing 21st century psychedelic rock revival in Australia, paving the way for bands like King Gizzard, Pond and ORB (plus Unknown Mortal Orchestra from nearby New Zealand.)
Weekly Dempa update: since The Family Tour 2020 has been cancelled, will stream a virtual concert on May 16 (it looks like they are charging 2000 yen (about $20) to "attend" this event online). On the show this week, we played the ballads from their new album (this clip is from the concert last year where Mirin shocked Japan by announcing her marriage - it's not that unusual for the gals to get weepy like that during concerts, it's another thing they do that sets them apart - what other pop stars do you know that cry on stage? Here's a 2017 clip where Mirrin and Pinky! sniffle their way through an uptempo song.)
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
YesClose To The EdgeClose To The Edge1972UK
GenesisWatcher Of The SkiesFoxtrot1972UK
King Crimson21st Century Schizoid ManIn The Court Of The Crimson King1969UK
Jade WarriorThree-Horned Dragon KingReleased1971UK
Jethro TullBlack Satin DancerMinstrel In The Gallery1975UK
Emerson Lake & PalmerWhen the Apple Blossoms Bloom in the Windmills of Your Mind I'll Be Your ValentineWorks Volume 21977UK
Tame ImpalaDesire Be Desire GoInnerspeaker
Tame ImpalaThe Bold Arrow Of TimeInnerspeaker
Tame ImpalaJeremy's StormInnerspeaker
Tame ImpalaElephantLonerism2012Australia
Eddy Current Suppresion RingSecond GuessingRush To Relax2010Australia
King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardCellophaneI'm In Your Mind Fuzz2014Australia
AC/DCLet There Be RockLet There Be Rock1977Australia
BuffaloFreedomVolcanic Rock1973Australia
ZZ TopPrecious And GraceTres Hombres1973USA
Socrates Drank The ConiumThis Is The RatsOn The Wings1973Greece
Stephen Malkmus Xian ManTraditional Techniques (N)2020 (Matador)USA
DISQ TrashCollector (N)2020 (Saddle Creek)USA
Tony MottolaCome Together (The Beatles)Tony Mottola's Guitar Factory1970USA
Rodd KeithSpaceI Died Today: The Music Of Rodd Keith (song poem compilation)rec. 1970's, rel. 1996USA
Yma SumacRememberMiracles1972USA
Les BaxterProcession Of The PrincesSacred Idol1960USA
The Free DesignFriends (Thank You All)One By One1971USA
The CardigansMr. Crowley (Ozzy Osbourne)The Other Side Of The Moon (compilation)1997Sweden
The CardigansSabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath)Emmerdale1994Sweden Watashi No Koto O Aishite Kureta Takusan No Hitotachi E
("To The Many People Who Loved Me")

Aiga Chikyu Sukuunsa! Datte Dempagumi.Inc Wa Family Desho (N)
("Love Will Save The Earth! Because Is A Family")
2020 (Meme Tokyo/Toy's Factory)Japan Aki No Ha No Harappa De
("In The Field Of Autumn Leaves")
Aiga Chikyu Sukuunsa! Datte Dempagumi.Inc Wa Family Desho (N)2020 (Meme Tokyo/Toy's Factory)Japan
DAOKO with Kenshi YonezuUchiage Hanabi ("Launch Fireworks")Thank You Blue2017Japan
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