September 28, 2022 Playlist

Super-Obscure Sixties II
for Pledge Drive!
The Fraternity Of Man "The Fraternity Of Man" (1968)
The Fraternity Of Man "The Fraternity Of Man"  1968 (USA)
We're digging deep for the most obscure psychedelia of the 1960's this week, to entice you with the awesomeness of community radio for WORT-FM's Fall Pledge Drive! The Fraternity Of Man was known for one song in the sixties ("Don't Bogart Me" from the soundtrack to the movie Easy Rider), but they were an interesting California psychedelic blues band whose lineup included guitarist Elliot Ingber (former Mothers Of Invention, future Captain Beefheart band) and drummer Richie Hayward (later to found Little Feat with two more ex-Mothers: Lowell George and Roy Estrada). The group only made two records in the sixties: their debut is our CAOTW and is the best of the two because it is more psychedelic (the follow-up was more blues 'n' boogie kind of stuff). This LP is also notable for including a version of Frank Zappa's song "Oh No" a couple years before his own band released a version of it (though the tune itself had already appeared in instrumental form on Lumpy Gravy). Perhaps relating to their Zappa connections, The Frat also displayed more of a sense of humor than most sixties groups. More specifiically relating to the Zappa thing, The Frat was also one of the most weed-loving bands of their day (Zappa had fired Ingber from The Mothers for doing drugs).
Artist Song Album Year Country
The Human ExpressionOptical SoundA-side 7" single1967USA
KaleidoscopePulsating DreamSide Trips1967USA
KakElectric SailorKak1968USA
The Electric Banana
(The Pretty Things recording under a different name)
AlexanderEven More Electric Banana1969UK
SRCNo Secret DestinationMilestones1969USA
The Plastic CloudFace Behind The SunThe Plastic Cloud1968Canada
The United States Of AmericaComing DownThe United States Of America1968USA
Ultimate SpinachWhere You're AtBehold & See1968USA
Night ShadowIn The AirThe Square Root Of Two1968USA
PussyEverybody's SongPussy Plays 1969UK
The LitterBlue IceEmerge1969USA
The Magic MixtureIt's Alright By MeThis Is The Magc Mixture1968UK
Young FlowersSlow Down DriverNo. 21969Denmark
H.P. LovecraftMobius TripH.P. Lovecraft II1968USA
ColosseumThe KettleValentyne Suite1969UK
Alrune Rod
("Mandrake Root")
Alrune RodAlrune Rod1969Denmark
Illinois Speed PressSky SongA First Performance By Illinois Speed Press1968USA
The Deviants
(with three future members of The Pink Fairies)
Death Of A Dream MachineThe Deviants #31969UK
Ill WindSleepFlashes1968USA
Ant Trip CeremonyLocomotive Lamp24 Hours1968USA
(later became Jade Warrior)
My ClownJuly1968UK
The AbstractsO.D.D. ClownThe Abstracts1968USA
The Knowbody Else
(later became Black Oak Arkansas)
Flying Horse Of LouisianaThe Knowbody Else1969USA
Blossom ToesJust Above My Hobby Horse's HeadIf Only For A Moment1969UK
Elephants MemoryTakin' A WalkElephants Memory1969USA
The Free DesignKije's OuijaStars Time Bubbles Love1970USA
Moby Grape8:05Moby Grape1967USA
Os Mutantes
("The Mutants")
Le Premier Bonheur du Jour
("The First Happiness Of The Day")
Os Mutantes1968Brazil
Asylum Choir
(with Leon Russell)
Icicle Star TreeLook InsideThe Aslyum Choir1968USA
The Rotary Connection
(with Minnie Ripperton)
I Feel SorryAladdin1968USA
The Fraternity Of Man
(with Elliot Ingber and Richie Hayward)
In The MorningThe Fraternity Of Man
The Fraternity Of ManPlastic RatThe Fraternity Of Man
The Fraternity Of ManDon't Bogart MeThe Fraternity Of Man
The GTO'sThe Eureka Springs Garbage LadyPermanent Damage
(produced by Frank Zappa)
Captain Beefheart & His Magic BandOld Fart At PlayTrout Mask Replica
(produced by Frank Zappa)
Jeff Simmons
(before joining The Mothers of Invention)
Wonderful Wino (co-written by Frank Zappa)Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up
(produced by Frank Zappa)
The Serpent PowerEndless TunnelThe Serpent Power1967USA

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