November 23, 2022 Playlist

Black Dice "Creature Comforts" (2004)
Black Dice "Creature Comforts"  2004 (USA)
This week we have a 21st century musical group to induct into the CAOTW hall of fame. Black Dice is the trio of Eric Copeland, Bjorn Copeland, and Aaron Warren. I'm not exactly sure how to even describe their sound: "electronic" and "avant-garde" are the two things I think of first, but there are actually guitars in their music too and originally I understand they were a "punk" band with all the usual instruments including a singer and live drummer. But this electronic music is not for dancing - a lot of it doesn't even have a discernable beat. There is definitely a "junkyard band" quality to their lo-fi sound, but it isn't "noise" or "industrial" either. Wikipedia describes them as "experimental" (the ultimate cop-out record critic weasel-word). But even though most of their albums sound different, somehow there is a "Black Dice aesthetic" that is very distinctive. As I mentioned on the show, when the 2022 debut album by a new group called Flaccid Mojo turned up in ye olde Kosmik Radiation mailbag last week it immediately reminded me of Black Dice. Later I looked it up, and whadayaknow Flaccid Mojo is a duo consisting of Aaron and Bjorn from Black Dice! It is hard to pick a definitive "best" album by a group whose albums all have their own character, so I chose their second full-length LP Creature Comforts because it is as psychedelic and weird as anything they've done. The group has been less active in recent years, with their 2021 album Mod Prog Sic having been their first afer about a decade of no new music. Eric Copeland has released a lot of solo music in the meantime, including the 2008 classic Alien In A Garbage Dump which is a pretty good description of the Black Dice sound!
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
ChicagoQuestions 67 & 68The Chicago Transit Authority1969USA
CreamBadgeGoodbye Cream1969UK/Scotland
The Babe Rainbow NaxosThe Organic Band (N)2022 (Eureka)Australia
Dungen Klockan Slår, Den År Mycket Nu
("The Clock Is Ticking, It's Late")
En Är För Mycket Och Tusen Aldrig Nog (N)
("One Is Too Much And A Thousand Is Never Enough")
2022 (Mexican Summer)Sweden
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Hate Dancin'Changes (N)2022 (KGLW)Australia
Wand Plum (live)Spiders In The Rain (N)2022 (Drag City)USA
The Gatekeepers Who Are The Gatekeepers?
(featuring Cheer-Accident)
The Gatekeepers (N)2022 (Think Like A Key)(musicians from all over the world)
The Gatekeepers The Patron
(featuring The Residents)
The Gatekeepers (N)2022 (Think Like A Key)(musicians from all over the world)
Black Lips Whips Of HollyApocalypse Love (N)2022 (Fire)USA
Joyeria 9 to 5FIM EP (N - forthcoming release)2022 (Speedy Wunderground)Canada/UK
The Black Angels SuffocationWilderness Of Mirrors (N)2022 (Partisan)USA
DISQ If OnlyDesperately Imagining Someplace Quiet (N)2022 (Saddle Creek)USA
Black DiceCloud PleaserCreature Comforts
Black DiceSkeletonCreature Comforts
Black DiceNight FlightCreature Comforts
Black DiceTuned OutMod Prog Sic2021USA
Flaccid Mojo
(2/3 of Black Dice)
Garbage PeopleFM (N)2022 (Castle Face)USA
Sun ArawCatalinaRock Sutra2020USA
The Soft Pink Truth Mood Swing
Is It Going To Get Any Deeper Than This? (N)2022 (Thrill Jockey)USA
VektroidSushi Plaza (VGM edit)Color Ocean Road2012USA
Sun RaJourney Stars BeyondOblique Parallax1981USA
The Jimi Hendrix Experience
(with Steve Winwood and Jack Casady)
Voodoo ChildElectric Ladyland1968USA/UK
The TemptationsZoom19901973USA
Neil Young & Promise Of The Real Winterlong
   / Fuckin' Up (live)
Noise And Flowers (N)2019 (2022 Reprise)Canada/USA

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