February 15, 2023 Playlist

John Lennon & Yoko Ono "Unfinished Music Vol. 2: Life With The Lions" (1969)
John Lennon & Yoko Ono "Unfinished Music Vol. 2: Life With The Lions"  1969 (UK/Japan)
Yoko Ono turns 90 years old this week! Her first forays into music came in the early 1960's with her first husband Toshi Ichiyanagi and his mentor, the infamous John Cage, but her first album of "music" for public comsumption was a collaboration with her third husband (that guy from The Beatles): Unfinished Music Vol. 1: Two Virgins. That album consists mainly of tape collages inspired by John Cage (like The Beatles notorious track "Revolution #9" only more primitive) and is pretty much only remembered for the album cover photo of John & Yoko's full-frontal nudity. Their second collaboration includes another LP-side of that sort of thing, but also unleashed the legendary "YOKO VOICE" for the first time. You know what I mean: wailing, shrieking "unlistenable" howls, growls, whimpers, screams. It is definitely an acquired taste, and should you acquire that taste, side 1 of this record has the 26-minute concert recording "Cambridge 1969" - John plays guitar feedback and Yoko is the most fearless singer who ever stood before an audience. She (and John) always knew that her vocal style was going to be off-putting to most of the (Beatles) audience, but THIS IS ART, MAAN. For further ear purification rituals featuring Ono-san, her first two solo albums Plastic Ono Band (1970) and Fly (1971) are highly recommended, and also side 2 of the John & Yoko concert album Live Peace In Toronto (1969; side 1 is John's tuneless crappy cover band, but Yoko's side saves this album. Extra fun on Toronto: Eric Clapton and a drummer from Yes join in Yoko's noise!)
(N) = New Release
(R) = Listener Request

Artist Song Album Year Country
Barry WhiteI'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More BabyI've Got So Much To Give1973USA
The DirtbombsGot To Give It Up (Marvin Gaye)Ultraglide In Black2001USA
The BeatlesBirthdayThe Beatles (aka "The White Album")1968UK
Yoko OnoWhyPlastic Ono Band1970Japan/UK
DeathFreakin Out...For The Whole World To Seerec. 1975, rel. 2009USA
The Isley Brothers
(with Jimi Hendrix before he was famous)
TestifyA-side 7" single
(Hendrix West Coast Seattle Boy compilation)
Quiz Show WithstandQuiz Show (N)2023 (Magic Door)USA
Atsuko Chiba LinkWater, It Feels Like It's Growing (N)2023 (Mothland)Canada (Quebec)
Tricot AquariumFudeki (N) ("Bungle")
2022 (8902/Cutting Edge)Japan
Chris Forsyth Robot Energy MachineEvolution Here We Come (N)2022 (No Quarter)USA
Black SabbathLive Forever132013UK
Black SabbathNever Say DieNever Say Die1978UK
Ozzy Osbourne with Dweezil ZappaStayin' Alive (The Bee Gees)Prince Of Darkness (compilation)rec. 1991, rel. 2005UK/USA
Brick Layer Cake (R)The WeddingWhatchamacallit2002USA
John LennonOh Yoko!Imagine1971UK
John Lennon & Yoko OnoCambridge 1969 (live)Unfinished Music Vol. 2: Life With The Lions
Hijokaidan x You'll Melt More!
(collaboration by a Noise band and an Idol girl group)
MJK (Modern Jazz Kechon)Take Me To The Noise2015Japan
Haru NemuriHaru To Shura ("Springtime And Carnage")Haru To Shura2018Japan
WiennersIdolBest New Retakes2017Japan
Sonny & Linda SharrockSoonMonkey-Pockie-Boo1970USA
Patty WatersBlack Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair (trad.)Patty Waters Sings1966USA
Art Ensemble Of Chicago
(with Fontella Bass)
Theme De Yo-YoLes Stances A Sophie ("The Stanzas Of Sophie")1970USA
Rufus HarleyHypothesisRe-Creation Of The Gods1972USA
Negativland More Than One Answer
   / Let's Just Ship It
   / Breathe In Breath Out
Speech Free: Recorded Music For Film, Radio, Internet And Television (N)2022 (Seeland)USA

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