November 1, 2023 Playlist

The Shaggs "Philosophy Of The World" (1969)
The Shaggs "Philosophy Of The World"  1969 (USA)
This could be the most unique Classic Album ever on this show (and arguably also THE WORST!) The Shaggs were three awkward sisters (Dot, Betty & Helen Wiggin) from a small town in New Hampshire whose father insisted that they would become a "famous music group." And the crazy part is, he was kind of right - though it took decades, and their "fame" is limited to hardcore music nerds. Who knows if these girls took lessons of any kind - Helen the drummer keeps a mostly steady beat, but she usually isn't playing with anyone else in the group. Dot and Betty both play guitar and sing - and they can do neither of those things IN TUNE! I don't think they understood that guitars even need to be tuned! So basically, in their cloistered environment, they invented their own "style" of music complete with naive teenage lyrics about parents, holidays, pets, and Jesus. This is of course what is usually termed "outsider music", and The Shaggs really were one of the greatest examples of the rock era. Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet) may have been an idiot-savant who didn't really know what he was doing on any technical level, but the rest of his Magic Band were tremendously disciplined musicians. I guess the key thing was their dear old dad's insane belief in The Shaggs' talent, which led to them recording and releasing an album (like professionally, in a real studio!) After their dad died in his mid-40's around 1975, the band broke up and the girls got jobs and families and wanted nothing more to do with music. The story about how The Shaggs eventually became sort of famous includes NRBQ discovering their obscure album and getting it re-released on an indie label, Frank Zappa heralding it as an undiscovered classic, and eventually a stage musical based on the Wiggin's weird band and family life. Dot (the main brain and lead singer) even returned to the music scene for a 2013 album by her own group (The Dot Wiggin Band), though a handful of reunion concerts by Dot and Betty with backup musicians seem to have not gone off so well: reportedly, Betty was bewildered that anyone would care about her embarassing terrible band and was only doing it for the money (does that make her a "sellout"? Haha!)
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
Black SabbathBassically / N.I.B.Black Sabbath1970UK
Meat PuppetsAttacked By MonstersMonsters1989USA
SlayerCaptor Of SinHaunting The Chapel EP1984USA
Judas PriestIsland Of DominationSad Wings Of Destiny1976UK
Judas Priest Panic AttackInvincible Shield (N - forthcoming album in 2024)
2023 (Epic)UK
Melvins Disinvite (1986 version)The Devil You Knew, The Devil You Know (N)
2023 (Amphetamine Reptile)USA
Melvins Snake Appeal (2023 version)The Devil You Knew, The Devil You Know (N)
2023 (Amphetamine Reptile)USA
Melvins & Helms Alee The Sails Of Charon (The Scorpions)Controlling Data For A Better Feeling Future (N)
2023 (Amphetamine Reptile)USA
Gozu Ben Gazzara Loves No OneRemedy (N)
2023 (Metal Blade/Blacklight)USA
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard SupercellPetroDragonic Apocalypse Or, Dawn Of Eternal Night:
An Annihilation Of Planet Earth And The Beginning Of Merciless Damnation (
2023 (KGLW)Australia
HANABIE.  ("Chilly Flowers") Warning!!Raise Wa Ijin! (N)  ("Reborn Superstar!")
2023 (Sony)Japan
Haru Nemuri I Refuse
Insaint EP (N)
2023 (TO3S)Japan
The ShaggsIt's HalloweenPhilosophy Of The World
The ShaggsMy Pal Foot FootPhilosophy Of The World
The ShaggsPhilosophy Of The WorldPhilosophy Of The World
The RaincoatsLife On The LineThe Raincoats1979UK
Captain Beefheart & The Magic BandBat Chain PullerShiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)1978USA
Half Japanese Jump Into LoveJump Into Love (N)
2023 (Fire)USA
Half Japanese Zombie WorldJump Into Love (N)
2023 (Fire)USA
ChromeChromosome DanageAlien Soundtracks1977USA
Public Image Ltd.GraveyardMetal Box1979UK
SuicideI RememberSuicide1977USA
Joy DivisionI Remember NothingUnknown Pleasures1979UK
LiarsPlaster Casts Of EverythingLiars2007USA/Australia
Throbbing GristleDead Souls
   / Guts On The Floor (live)
Mission Of Dead Souls1981UK
KlusterKlopfzeichen side 2Klopfzeichen ("Knocking Code")1970Germany
The Jimmy Castor BunchDracula (part 1)E-Man Groovin'1976USA
(former members of Beefheart's Magic Band)
Road To MoroccoMallard1975USA
Avenged Sevenfold G
 --> (O)rdinary
 --> (D)eath
Life Is But A Dream... (N)
2023 (Warner Bros)USA
Body-Head TrippingCome On EP (N)
2023 (Open Mouth/Three Lobed)USA
Pink FloydPow R. Toc H.The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn1967UK
Woods Little Black FlowersPerennial (N)
2023 (Woodsist)USA
Woods White Winter MelodyPerennial (N)
2023 (Woodsist)USA

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