December 27, 2023 Playlist

Pavement "Slanted And Enchanted" (1992)
Pavement "Slanted And Enchanted"  1992 (USA)
Pavement was an emblematic band of what I like to snidely call "the nineties Alternapalooza": not exactly grunge rock, more like snarky slackers who appealed to the college kidz that this band resembled. Pavement lasted barely a decade and released five proper albums, the first four of which are all Classic Albums. Slanted is unique among them, in that this is the original trio version of the group: "SM" (Stephen Malkmus) and "Spiral Stairs" (Scott Kannberg) both on vocals and guitars and Gary Young on the drums (originally with no regular bassist). Steve and Scott were twenty-something GenX college hipster buddies, Gary was some local Boomer hippie who had a recording studio where they could record cheaply. The unlikely combo makes this Pavement's most sloptastic record and in retrospect seems like an attempt to create an American version of The Fall (Malkmus' quirky-wordy vocals over a loosely grinding garage groove). It was a sensation when released a few months after Nirvana blew up the 80's music industry status quo with Smells Like Nevermind. As Pavement began to get notice and major opportunities, Young was deemed too erratic to work with and the group expanded to a quintet without him which is the group that recorded all of their subsequent albums. The band broke up in 1999 and Malkmus launched a fabulous solo career (Kannberg's solo career has not been so fabulous; bassist Mark Ibold joined Sonic Youth during their last years so Kim could play guitar full time.) Although Malkmus made much more sophisticated music later on, this was the album that started it all and it does have a unique sound that remains charming and quirky-cool.
Speaking of quirky-cool: "ano" (she likes to spell her name lowercase) seems to be the hot new "it girl" on the Japanese pop scene. She was in a cool "new wave indie rock" Idol group called You'll Melt More when she was a teenager and has blown up as a solo artist in the last year or so. Her debut album came out this month - here's the song "Cat Vomit Bliss Dance" we heard on the show this week and her big breakout hit "Kiss, Vomiting" (a song from the popular anime Chainsaw Man, which explains why ano is chainsawing people, er mice, in the video.) Vomit is one of her "shocking" themes, along with sticking her tongue out, throwing up middle fingers, and shrill screaming - coz she's a "punk" idol! (Ain't J-pop fun?)
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
Jethro TullSkating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New DayWar Child1974UK
The Guess WhoGrey DaySo Long, Bannatyne1971Canada
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2023 (Woodsist)USA
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2023 (dBpm)USA
James BrownLicking Stick - Licking Stick (parts 1 & 2)Star Time (complete version from box set)1968USA
U.S. Girls Pump (live)Lives (N)
2023 (4AD)USA/Canada
The Orb Picking Tea Leaves And Chasing ButterfliesPrism (N)2023 (Cooking Vinyl)UK
Goat Let It BurnThe Gallows Pole: Original Score (N)2023 (Rocket)Sweden
Ano Neko To Gokuraku Ondo
Cat Vomit Bliss Dance")
Neko Neko To To (N)
("Cat Cat Vomit Vomit")
2023 (Toy's Factory)Japan
PavementTrigger Cut / Wounded-Kite at :17Slanted And Enchanted
PavementHereSlanted And Enchanted
PavementJackals, False Grails: The Lonesome EraSlanted And Enchanted
PavementType Slowly (live)Brighten The Corners (bonus track on CD reissue)1997USA
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Stephen Malkmus & The JicksPost-Paint BoyFace The Truth2005USA
Gary WrightLove Is AliveThe Dreamweaver1976UK
Ike & Tina TurnerWhat You Don't See (Is Better Yet)'Nuff Said1971USA
The BandOpheliaNorthern Lights - Southern Cross1975Canada/USA
RodriguezCan't Get AwayComing From Reality1971USA
David Crosby
(with Graham Nash, Joni Mitchell,
and Jerry, Billy & Phil from Grateful Dead)
LaughingIf I Could Only Remember My Name1971USA
Jeff BeckFreeway Jam (live)Jeff Beck With The Jan Hammer Group Live1977UK/Czech.
Jaimie Branch Aurora Rising
   --> Borealis Dancing
Fly Or Die Fly Or Die Fly Or Die ((World War)) (N)
2023 (International Anthem)USA
Wayne ShorterBarracudas (General Assembly) (Gil Evans)Et Ceterarec. 1965, rel. 1980USA The Last DempastarsOne Nation Under The Dempa EP (N)2023 (Meme Tokyo/Toy's Factory)Japan
Pharoah Sanders
(Prof. Richard Davis on bass)
The Creator Has A Master PlanKarma1969USA

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