October 18, 2023 Playlist

The Fall "Hex Enduction Hour" (1982)
The Fall "Hex Enduction Hour"  1982 (UK)
The Fall was a band that existed for over 40 years with only one constant member, the "drunken poet" frontman Mark E. Smith. Although there were relatively stable lineups in the 1980's and 2000's, the groups' history is also full of incidents in which the entire band quit or got fired, often while they were on tour overseas. But as M.E.S. once famously said, "if it's just me and your granny on bongos, then it's The Fall." So what was his musical vision exactly? Drunken rants in an impenetrable (but oddly charming) thick Mancunian accent, accompanied by a garage band vamping on a riff like their lives depended on it. It sounds pretty simple, maybe even downright stupid, yet The Fall perservered and eventually became the greatest of the British "post-punk" bands. By the 1990's their weird albums were making the Top 10 on the British charts and M.E.S. became something of a British institution (much like the equally ranty John Lydon or equally drunken Shane McGowan). The DIY aesthetic of their album covers and obtuse song titles and lyrics were also a huge influence on a swath of popular "alternative/indie" bands that came in their wake, including Americans such as Sonic Youth and especially Pavement. M.E.S. succumbed to cancer in 2018 which ended the band. In retrospect, their discography is quite daunting (31 studio albums and over 100 live and compilation albums!) but I have to say I've never heard a "bad" record by The Fall, and except for some late-80's albums with a dated sound, I have "liked" everything I've heard from them, up to and including their final recordings. For their first entry in the CAOTW hall of fame, I could have easily chosen a recentish album like the excellent Reformation Post TLC (2007), but decided to go with one of the earlier albums.
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
Von Sudenfed
(Mark E. Smith from The Fall with Mouse On Mars)
Speech Contamination / German Fear Of ÖsterreichTromatic Reflexxions2007UK/Germany
Osees StunnerIntercepted Message (N)
2023 (Castle Face)USA
Slow Pulp CrampsYard (N)
2023 (Anti-)USA
Speedy Ortiz ScabsRabbit Rabbit (N)
2023 (Wax Nine)USA
The Budos Band KRITNFrontier's Edge EP (N)
2023 (Daptone)USA
Anton Barbeau Demand A DreamMorgenmusik / Nachtschlager (N)
("Morning Music / Night Pop")
2023 (Think Like A Key)USA
Sleater-Kinney HellLittle Rope (N - forthcoming album in 2024)
2023 (Loma Vista)USA
Woods Another SidePerennial (N)
2023 (Woodsist)USA
Holy Wave HypervigilanceFive Of Cups (N)
2023 (Suicide Squeeze)USA
Half Japanese It's OKJump Into Love (N)
2023 (Fire)USA
Animal Collective Genie's OpenIsn't It Now? (N)
2023 (Domino)USA
Public Image Ltd.
LFCFEnd Of World (N)2023 (PIL Official)UK
The FallJust Step S'waysHex Enduction Hour
The FallFortress / Deer ParkHex Enduction Hour
The FallWho Makes The Nazis?Hex Enduction Hour
The FallGut Of The QuantifierThis Nation's Saving Grace1984UK
Sonic YouthMy New House (Peel Sessions) (The Fall)4 Tunna Brix EP1990USA
PavementThe Classical (Peel Sessions) (The Fall)Major Leagues EP1999USA
The Serpent PowerSide A (recorded live on KPFA-FM)Ouroborousrec. 1969, rel. 2007USA
Flower Travellin' BandLook At My WindowMake Up1973Japan
Dungen ("Grove")Side A, Track 3 (live)Dungen Live2020Sweden
Neil Young (& Crazy Horse)
Sedan Delivery (previously unreleased version)Chrome Dreams (N - unreleased album from 1977)
rec. 1975 (2023 Reprise)Canada/USA
Van Morrison
(Richard Davis on bass)
Sweet ThingAstral Weeks1968UK (N. Ireland)
Eric Dolphy
(Richard Davis on bass)
GazzeloniOut To Lunch!1964USA
Jaimie Branch Baba Louie
   --> Bolinko Bass
   --> And Kuma Walks
   --> Take Over The World
Fly Or Die Fly Or Die Fly Or Die ((World War)) (N)
2023 (International Anthem)USA
Pharoah SandersLove Will Find A WayPharoah1976USA

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