1. How to record the webstream on your computer when you're not around!

You don't have to rely on the Kosmik Radiation archive to download edited versions of shows, there is software available that will allow you to record the entire show (and any other webcast) to your own computer, without you having to be around to do anything!!

Equipment needed: a computer with an always-on Internet connection and sufficient processor speed and disk space (most newer computers hooked up to DSL or cable modems should work.)

Download one of these programs depending on your platform & follow the instructions
(these are free trial versions you have to purchase to keep using.)

PC users:  Blaze Power Record

Mac users: RadioLover

(You can also use these programs to record the FM radio signal by plugging a radio into your computer with the appropriate stereo cable . . . )

2. How to record the FM radio signal without staying up late!

If you live in the WORT broadcasting area (south-central Wisconsin and parts of nothern Illinois), here is a handy old-fashioned system for recording a radio program without having to stay up and flip a cassette every 45 minutes:

Equipment needed: radio receiver, VCR, patch cable.

1. Connect the audio output from your radio to the audio input on your VCR (works best with a VCR that has stereo inputs and a radio receiver with stereo outputs.)

2. Program the VCR to record on "EP" speed just as you would to record a TV show running on Wednesday morning 2am to 5am.

3. Tune in WORT 89.9fm and LEAVE THE RADIO ON (but you can turn the volume down) and go to bed!

4. Wake up and listen to KOSMIK RADIATION through your VCR! This works best if your VCR is attached to your stereo / home entertainment system, but you can always listen to the tape through your TV's speakers instead.

The great thing about this system is that you can fit 6 hours of uninterrupted music on one standard VHS cassette (recording at EP speed) and you can program it to record when you're not around!

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