September 18, 2019 Playlist

"Black Sea" by XTC (1980)
XTC "Black Sea"  1980 (UK) 
This group from Swindon, UK started in 1972 as a groovy proggy band called Star Park, but after main songwriter Andy Partridge heard the New York Dolls debut album, they turned into a punk band called Helium Kidz before finally settling on the name XTC upon signing a record deal in 1976; their debut album came out just a few months after the Sex Pistols. They charted several singles in Britain in the early New Wave days, but by the early 1980's their psych-prog roots began to reassert themselves until they started putting out full-on sixties-style psychedelic rock albums by the middle of the decade. Black Sea was arguably the beginning of this transition yet it is still a ROCK album that could kick the butt of more popular New Wave  bands like The Cars. In fact, when legendary producer Robert Stigwood (Clapton, Bee Gees) saw one of their concerts he said they were the most exciting live band he'd seen since The Who! Unfortunately, Partridge also suffered from serious nerves and stage fright, so the band stopped performing live in 1982 and became a legendary studio band in the vein of Steely Dan for the last 15 years or so of their career. More recently, there has been a "50% reunion" of the classic lineup, with bassist and second singer/songwriter Colin Moulding teaming up with original drummer Terry Chambers to create the new band "TC & I".
We've also got another J-pop block on the show this week, so here's some videos to go with that: Perfume's adorable "Mirai No Museum", Reol's "Give Me A Break Stop Now" (the blonde wig is her usual look, but she's all of the girls in that video), DAOKO's "Bang!", and the "office lady" rap duo's "Like It". One of the catchiest power pop rockers I've come across in recent years is "Shangri-la" by Wienners, a denpa-punk band whose songs and videos are usually a lot crazier than that one!
Which brings us to the otaku-idol group I have yet to find any footage of the group performing their first independently released (non-hit) single "Mirror Magic?" (2008) which we heard on the show this week, so instead here's their first music video "Future Diver" (2011), which was only a minor hit but has become a theme song for the group. This song highlights one of the three major themes running through their lyrics, which are "optimism for the future", "proud to be Japanese" and of course "have a good time, all the time!" For our second selection, we bookend their career to date with the most recent single from August 2019, "Bon De Festa" (the non-Japanese title seems like a hash of French "Bon",  Spanish "de" and Italian "Festa" - which adds up to "Good Of The Party"). Over the years their music has grown much more complex, and they've developed from the standard teen idol look of "Future Diver" (matching dresses, animal ears, dancing in a classroom) into iconic cartoon characters of surrealist pop.
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
MelvinsSweet Willy Rollbar
   / Revolve
Stoner Witch1994USA
Redd KrossShonen KnifeThird Eye1990USA
Shonen KnifeRedd Kross7121991Japan
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Keen For Kick Ons?And Now For The Whatchamacallit (N)2019 (Marathon)Australia
Tropical Fuck Storm The Planet Of Straw MenBraindrops (N)2019 (Joyful Noise)Australia
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard PerihelionInfest The Rats' Nest (N)2019 (ATO)Australia
The Babe Rainbow Something NewToday (N - forthcoming album)2019 (Flightless)Australia
Cheer-Accident DiatomsChicago XX (N)2019 (Complacency)USA
Wand ScarecrowLaughing Matter (N)2019 (Drag City)USA
Ty Segall WhateverFirst Taste (N)2019 (Drag City)USA
The Mystery Lights Goin' DownToo Much Tension! (N)2019 (Daptone)USA
Santana Yo Me Lo Merezco ("I Deserve It")Africa Speaks (N)2019 (Concord)USA/Mexico
XTCRespectable StreetBlack Sea
XTCTowers Of LondonBlack Sea
XTCSgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)Black Sea
The Dukes Of Stratosphear (XTC)Your Gold Dress25 O'Clock EP1985UK
TC & I
(Terry Chambers and Colin Moulding from XTC)
Generals And Majors (XTC)
  --> Making Plans For Nigel (XTC - live)
Naked Flames: Live At Swindon Arts Centre (N)2019 (TC&I)UK
BABYMETALAkatsuki ("Daybreak")BABYMETAL2014Japan
REOLGive Me A Break Stop NowSigma2016Japan
Charisma.comLike ItNot Not Me2017Japan
DAOKOBang!Thank You Blue2017Japan
PerfumeMirai No Museum ("Future Museum")Level 32013Japan
Wednesday CampanellaDraculaWatashi Wo Onigashima Ni Tsuretette
("Take Me Home To The Island Of Ogres")
The Budos BandAphasiaBurnt Offering2014USA
The Budos Band The EnchanterV (N)2019 (Daptone)USA
Swans It's Coming It's Realleaving meaning. (N - forthcoming album)2019 (Young God/Mute)USA
75 Dollar Bill I Was RealI Was Real (N)2019 (Thin Wrist)USA
Taras Bulba The Neon MidnightOne (N)2019 (Riot Season)UK
Mariah Dawn Shepherd & The Covert Dragon Imperfect PerfectionBeyond The Smokey Mirror (N)2019 (self released)USA
Dempagumi.incMirror Magic?First independently released single by the duo "Dempagumi" from 2008;
a remake was included on the debut album:

Ne Kīte? Uchuu Wo Suku No Wa, Kitto Osushi... De Wa Naku,!
("Say What? It's Not Sushi That Will Save The Universe... It's!")
2011Japan Bon De Festasingle (N)2019 (Toy's Factory)Japan
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