November 3, 2021 Playlist

"Shadows And Light" by Joni Mitchell (1980)
Joni Mitchell "Shadows And Light"  1980 (Canada)
Happy 78th birthday Joni! Roberta Joan Anderson was one of the great songwriters of the sixties, basically Bob Dylan's feminine equal. But her music covered more ground than Bob's and was far more sophisticated. She moved on from folky music in the early 70's, scoring her biggest hit album in 1974 with Court & Spark which features cats like Larry Carlton (lead guitarist on Steely Dan records) and the rhythm section from Zappa's Hot Rats (Max Bennett and John Guerin)! By the end of the decade she basically became a jazz musician and composer: she made records with heavyweights like Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock and wrote tunes with Charles Mingus. This week's classic album was arguably the peak of Joni's "jazz period", a live recording featuring a touring band that included fusion legends Pat Metheny on lead guitar and Jaco Pastorius on bass. (Also released as a classic home video which you can watch online!) But throughout her stylistic twists and turns, her songwriting voice always remained uniquely her own.
Meanwhile in Japan . . . Kyary's 5th album Candy Racer was just released; here's the Halloween-themed music video for the titular track.
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
The BandAcross The Great DivideThe Band1969Canada/USA
Neil Young & Crazy HorseRound And Round (It Won't Be Long)Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere1969Canada/USA
Country Joe & The FishThursday / Eastern JamI-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die1967USA
Fairport ConverntionTime Will Show The WiserFairport Converntion1968UK
The Pretty ThingsCries From The Midnight CircusParachute1970UK
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu De.Ba.Ya.Shi.2021 / Candy RacerCandy Racer (N)2021 (KRK Lab)Japan
Perfume Android &Polygon Wave EP (N)2021 (Universal)Japan
Atarashii Gakko!  ("New School!") Pineapple Kryptonitesingle (N)2021 (88rising)Japan
Parquet Courts Plant LifeSympathy For Life (N)2021 (Rough Trade)USA
Guided By Voices Spanish CoinIt's Not Them. It Couldn't Be Them. It Is Them! (N)2021 (GBV Inc.)USA
Joni Mitchell
(with Jaco Pastorius and Pat Metheny)
In France They Kiss On Main Street (live)Shadows And Light
Joni Mitchell
(with Jaco Pastorius and Pat Metheny)
   --> Pat's Solo (Pat Metheny)
   --> Heijira (live)
Shadows And Light
Sonic YouthLittle Trouble Girl (with Kim Deal)Washing Machine1995USA
Van der Graaf GeneratorA Plague Of Lighthouse KeepersPawn Hearts1971UK
Isildurs Bane & Peter HammillThis Is WhereIn Amazonia2019Sweden/UK
Steely Dan Black Cow
   / Kid Charlamagne (live)
Northeast Corridor: Steely Dan Live! (N)rec. 2018 (2021 Universal)USA
Joni Mitchell (with Jaco Pastorius, Herbie Hancock & Wayne Shorter)Sweet Sucker DanceMingus1979Canada
Jaco Pastorius (with Herbie Hancock)ContinuumJaco Pastorius1976USA
Pat Metheny (with Jaco Pastorius)Unquity RoadBright Size Life1976USA
Wayne ShorterVera CruzMoto Gross Feio1970USA
Herbie Hancock (with Tina Turner)Edith And The Kingpin (Joni Mitchell)River: The Joni Letters2007USA
Esperanza Spalding Formwela 8Songwrights Apothecary Lab (N)2021 (Concord)USA

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