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"Zapp" by Zapp (1980)
Zapp "Zapp"  1980 (USA)
Funk was the biggest deal in Black popular music in the 1970's, but the rise of punk and new wave at the end of that decade (plus overexposure from being perceived as Disco-adjacent) meant that funk bands had to change their style to adapt to the futuristic pink neon shoulderpad sounds of the 1980's. In the long run, hip-hop became the dominant style, but for a brief moment in the early 1980's a handful of 70's funk veterans added synths to their sound and created "electrofunk". As near as I can tell, Zapp may be ground zero for the whole movement. This album features the anthemic dancefloor smash "More Bounce To The Ounce" and introduced the world to Roger Troutman's talk-box which makes his vocals sound like a funky alien robot. This record was co-produced by Troutman and P-Funk bassist Bootsy Collins (who also plays guitar) and it undoubtedly influenced George Clinton's electrofunk masterpiece "Atomic Dog" which came out a couple years later. The Gap Band and Cameo were two more fun electrofunk bands from this period that also started out as traditional funk bands in the 70's. Zapp petered out by the end of the 80's, though Roger Troutman (usually known simply as "Roger") maintained a solo career. He experienced a resurgence of interest in the 90's when hip hop groups were sampling the heck out of his electrofunk grooves and even hiring him to add his signature talk-box vocals to new records. Sadly, the group ended with an unimaginable tragedy: in 1999, Roger was killed by his brother Larry (also a member of Zapp) in a murder-suicide.
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
Endless Boogie The OffenderAdmonitions (N)2021 (No Quarter)USA
Old Time Relijun You That Is YouMusicking (N)2021 (K)USA
The Chambers BrothersUptown (Betty Mabry/Davis)The Time Has Come1967USA
Betty DavisDown Home GirlThe Columbia Years 1968-1969rec. 1968-69, rel. 2016USA
Betty DavisThey Say I'm DifferentThey Say I'm Different1974USA
John Dwyer Cultivated GravesGong Splat (N)2021 (Castle Face)USA
75 Dollar Bill Don't Worry Kyokyo (Mummy's Only Looking For A Hand In The Snow) (live - Yoko Ono)Social Music At Troost Vol. 3: (Other) People's Music (N)2022 (self released)USA
ZappMore Bounce To The OunceZapp
ZappFunky BounceZapp
ZappDance FloorZapp II1982USA
Kool Keith (with Roger from Zapp)Master Of The GameBlack Elvis / Lost In Space1999USA
The Gap BandYou Dropped A Bomb On Me Gap Band IV1982USA
Dick HymanGive It Up Or Turn It Loose (James Brown)Age Of Electronicus1969USA
Silver ApplesI Have Known LoveContact1969USA
Sun RaAstro BlackAstro Black1972USA
Miles DavisMademoiselle MabryFilles de Kilimanjaro
("Girls Of Kilimanjaro")
Rory GallagherIn Your Town (live)Live! In Europe1972Ireland
Bill FrisellHard Plains DrifterBefore You Were Born1989USA
Pink FloydThe Narrow WayUmmagumma1969UK
Ben LaMar Gay Sometimes I Forget How Summer Looks On You
   / Hood Rich Happy
Open Arms To Open Us (N)2021 (International Anthem)USA

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