October 12, 2022 Playlist

Pharoah Sanders "Tauhid" (1967)
Pharoah Sanders "Tauhid"  1967 (USA)
Pharoah Sanders just passed away, a few weeks before his 82nd birthday. He played saxophone with Sun Ra and John Coltrane back in he 1960's, and after Trane's death Pharoah became one of the leaders of the "spiritual jazz" movement along with Alice Coltrane (they also played together on a half dozen albums). His final album was a collaboration with electronic music project Floating Points and the London Symphony Orchestra that came out in 2021. One of his finest albums, and arguably most important, was this week's CAOTW which was his second album as a leader, and his debut with the Impulse! record label. At the time this was recorded, Pharoah was still in John Coltrane's band, though he struck out in an entirely different direction on his own record. Coltrane's music of this period was extremely chaotic, and "songs" would often jam on for 20 to 60 minutes of unstructured improvisation. Sanders' album includes plenty of free jamming, but reins it in to achieve a more "cosmic, flowing" vibe, and he was also more into funky grooves than Trane ever was. It really isn't that much like the jazz that came before it at all - even the forward-thinking bosses at Impulse! weren't sure what to do with it, but it was the sixties maaaan, and Tauhid turned out to be a harbinger of where jazz was going next. This album even includes nasty pre-fusion electric guitar for the rock-heads, courtesy of the brilliant and unsung Sonny Sharrock (this was certainly the most acclaimed album Sharrock ever played on, if not the best-selling.) The first song on this record, a 16-miunte suite called "Upper Egypt And Lower Egypt" is the standout cut on the album - and was so groovy, the revolutionary hippie-punk band MC5 played an acid rock version of it.
(N) = New Release
Artist Song Album Year Country
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The SeedsJust Let GoA Web Of Sound1967USA
Pink FloydRemember A DayA Saucerful Of Secrets1968UK
Velvett FoggWizard Of GobsolodVelvett Fogg1969UK
Panda Bear & Sonic Boom Gettin' To The PointReset (N)2022 (Domino)USA/UK
Kikagaku Moyo ("Geometric Patterns") GomugomuKumoyo Island (N)2022 (Guruguru Brain)Japan
Alex G No BitternessGod Save The Animals (N)2022 (Domino)USA
Guided By Voices Who Wants To Go HuntingTremblers And Goggles By Rank (N)
2022 (GBV Inc.)USA
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Iron LungIce, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms And Lava (N)2022 (KGLW)Australia
The Mars Volta The RequisitionThe Mars Volta (N)2022 (Clouds Hill)USA
black midi 953 (live)Live At Electrical Audio (N)2022 (Rough Trade)UK
The Flying Luttenbachers Meredyth HeroldTerror Iridescence (N)2022 (ugEXPLODE)USA
Bronze New Mexico
Absolute Compliance (N)
2022 (Castle Face)USA
Laddio Bolocko Y Toro, pt. 2'97-'99 (N - compilation)1997-1999 (2022 Castle Face)USA
Boris Drowning By Numbers(N)2022 (Sacred Bones)Japan
EXEK Sen Yen For 30 Min Of ViolinAdvertise Here (N)2022 (Castle Face)Australia
The Comet Is Coming Angel Of DarknessHyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam (N)2022 (Impulse!)UK
Pharoah Sanders
(with Sonny Sharrock)
Upper Egypt And Lower EgyptTauhid
John Coltrane
(with Pharoah Sanders, McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, Elvin Jones & Rashied Ali)
The Father And The Son And The Holy Ghost
   --> Compassion
Snarky Puppy RL's (live)Empire Central (N)2022 (GroundUP)USA

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