February 27, 2008 Playlist

Best of the Classic Albums of the Week
(Pledge Drive!)

"Hinten" by Guru Guru (1971)
Guru Guru  "Hinten"  1971 (Germany)
This week's show features all former "classic albums of the week", so the new classic album has to be extra special.  Guru Guru is not one of the first names that comes to mind when "krautrock" is mentioned, but they were one of the most popular and original German groups of their day.  Led by jazz drummer Mani Neumeier, this power trio played a type of "free rock" that was very loose and jammy by rock standards, yet too loud and riffy to be called jazz.  Guru Guru's first three albums are all classics, though the second from 1971, Hinten, is often held up as their masterpiece.
There are a few Guru Guru clips on Youtube, since they were quite popular in their homeland and appeared on TV a number of times.  Here they are performing a loose version of "Electric Junk" from this album, and here is "Oxymoron"  featuring the groovy video effects of Germany's notorious Beat Club progran.
(R) = Listener Request

Artist Song Album Year Country
VON LMO Radio World Future Language
CLASSIC ALBUM - Feb 8, 2006
1981 USA
Silver Apples Program Silver Apples
CLASSIC ALBUM - Mar 28, 2007
1968 USA
Brian Eno & David Byrne The Jezebel Spirit My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts
CLASSIC ALBUM - May 17, 2006
1981 UK/USA
Gang of Four Not Great Men Entertainment
CLASSIC ALBUM - Nov 21, 2007
1979 UK
Minutemen My Heart And The Real World Double Nickels On The Dime
CLASSIC ALBUM - Jan 17, 2007
1984 USA
Sex Pistols EMI Never Mind The Bollocks
CLASSIC ALBUM - Jan 31, 2007
1977 UK
Guru Guru Electric Junk Hinten
1971 Germany
Chrome Half Machine Lip Moves Half Machine Lip Moves
CLASSIC ALBUM - Dec 13, 2006
1979 USA
Zolar X Space Age Love Timeless
CLASSIC ALBUM - Sep 20, 2006
rec. 1976 USA
Gwar (R) Eat Steel This Toilet Earth 1994 USA
Bobby Conn The Sportsman
(Monitor Radio / Weasel Walter version)
Bobby Conn (limited edition vinyl version only)
CLASSIC ALBUM - Jun 20, 2007
1997 USA
Blue Cheer Sun Cycle Outsideinside
CLASSIC ALBUM - Aug 15, 2007
1968 USA
The Stooges Loose Funhouse
CLASSIC ALBUM - Sep 6, 2006
1970 USA
Sonic Youth I Love Her All The Time Bad Moon Rising
CLASSIC ALBUM - Feb 1, 2006
1985 USA
My Bloody Valentine When You Sleep Loveless
CLASSIC ALBUM - Nov 15, 2006
1991 Ireland/UK
Velvet Underground If She Ever Comes Now White Light / White Heat
CLASSIC ALBUM - Mar 1, 2006
1967 USA
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band Ant Man Bee Trout Mask Replica
CLASSIC ALBUM - Jul 26, 2006
1969 USA
Muddy Waters Tom Cat Electric Mud
CLASSIC ALBUM - Mar 8, 2006
1968 USA
Serge Gainsbourg En Melody Historie de Melody Nelson
CLASSIC ALBUM - Oct 11, 2006
1971 France
Sly & The Family Stone Run Run Run A Whole New Thing
CLASSIC ALBUM - Mar 15, 2006
1967 USA
Sly & The Family Stone Runnin' Away There's A Riot Goin' On
CLASSIC ALBUM - Nov 7, 2007
1971 USA
Grand Funk Railroad Got This Thing On The Move Grand Funk
CLASSIC ALBUM - Apr 12, 2006
1970 USA
Sir Lord Baltimore Kingdom Come Kingdom Come
CLASSIC ALBUM - Jan 25, 2006
1970 USA
Melvins It's Shoved Bullhead
CLASSIC ALBUM - May 16, 2007
1991 USA
Silberbart Chub Chub Cherry 4 Times Sound Razing
CLASSIC ALBUM - Oct 18, 2006
1971 Germany
Killdozer Funk #49 (James Gang) For Ladies Only
CLASSIC ALBUM - Jun 20, 2007
1988 USA
The Pink Fairies Uncle Harry's Last Freakout Never Never Land
CLASSIC ALBUM - Feb 7, 2007
1971 UK
Van der Graaf Generator Lost H To He, Who Am The Only One
CLASSIC ALBUM - Nov 8, 2006
1970 UK
Eric Burdon & The Animals Gemini / The Madman Love Is
CLASSIC ALBUM - Apr 5, 2006
1968 UK
NEU! (R) Hero NEU! 75 1975 Germany
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